Review: Meishoku Detclear Bright and Peel (Mix Berry Scent)

I’ve learned that exfoliation is essential to maintaining smooth skin and keeping wrinkles and hyperpigmentation at bay. It should be part of your basic skin care routine to make your beauty products work better. If regularly done, it can help fade mild hyperpigmentation like age spots, melasma, and scars. It also minimizes enlarged pores and wrinkles. Choosing a brand that works fine can be a bit difficult especially with the wide selection in the market.

With this in mind, I went out to the nearby shop and opted for something affordable. This brand gained a reputation as number 1 once in an online cosmetic shop. Bought it a year ago and still have it now. I intended to use it twice a week but to no avail. Just to be honest, I get lazy sometimes so I tend to skip this. However, I’ve been able to use it many times so I can still provide an honest review.

meishoku detclear peeling jelly review


  1. This watery peeling gel contains natural fruit AHA and BHA to peel off dirt and dead skin gently.
  2. Removes remaining dead skin cells containing melanin to make lotion absorb into the skin more effectively.
  3. Removes dark spots, dullness of skin, and pore cloggers. Makes pores less visible.
  4. With fresh mix fruit scent


Use it on a wet or dry face in the shower. Taking three pumps, gently massage your face until the gel all turns into the grainy substance. That is the product and dirt coming off. Then, rinse (warm or cold water) well until there is nothing left on your face. It suggests using this in the morning, but I use it at night. Use it 1 to 2 times a week.

meishoku detclear peeling jelly mix berry scent
Just kidding! These are just like curds of the exfoliant as well as the chemical properties. These do the exfoliation.


  1. Comes in a pump bottle which makes it easy to dispense.
  2. Its scent is rather pleasing, not irritating.
  3. You get a lot of it for the price.
  4. Contains natural ingredients.
  5. It’s not drying my skin.
  6. It’s so gentle that it doesn’t aggravate my acne prone skin.
  7. Whenever I use this, my blackheads and whiteheads seem to lessen.
  8. My face feels smooth and squeaky-clean after each use. It looks bright as well.
  9. I also have noticed the lightening of my dark spots caused by the previous acne which I didn’t expect. I hope this will continue (that if I’m not lazy to regularly use it).
This is my left cheek where spots used to be darker than now.


  1. It doesn’t give you immediate results. It took me months to see a little difference.
  2. After a few months, my enlarged pores are still visible.
  3. Blackheads and whiteheads start to re-appear when I skip using this for a while. It means, using this once won’t give you long time effects.
  4. Since it has a watery consistency, I have to be in the shower to use this to avoid drips on the floor while massaging my entire face. That’s why I only use this after taking a shower at night.
  5. Since I have facial hair, some white substances get stuck in a few areas that are noticeable. Heads-up! It’s kind of gross when zoomed in.
This is where my toner comes in. I use an exfoliating cotton pad with my toner in it to remove these.

Because it’s friendly with my acne prone skin and I’ve seen a few good results, this will be my go-to exfoliator. What’s yours?

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