Atrix Hand Gel: A Winter Saviour

I’m kissing this year’s winter goodbye with a happy heart because I’m not suffering from bleeding dry hands, unlike last year. Thanks to an effective hand cream that cured that severe dryness. I kept using that hand cream up to its very last minute. When I emptied it, I went to buy another product from the same Japanese brand at an affordable price.

review atrix hand gel rose
50g, tube type

This fresh gel penetrates to the skin to deliver rich moisture and thoroughly retain it. It contains ingredients to help prevent dehydration and roughness. Contains hyaluronic acid and rose water to hydrate.

atrix hand gel review

I love that it has a subtle fragrance, but doesn’t contain artificial fragrance and color. Size-wise, you can definitely keep it in your pouch. My hands have been great with this gel. It glides smoothly and dries quickly. You won’t even feel it. Whenever I go take a walk with my dog, I make sure not to step out the front door without applying this first. It does keep my hands hydrated for hours despite the harsh cold (at least for me). As long as it’s doing a great job, I’ll keep using it. What’s your favorite hand moisturizer?

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