Have you moved on?

Be honest, when you’re alone in the dark accompanied by your own thoughts, you ask yourself “Have I moved on?”, don’t you?

Regardless of the number of years you wholeheartedly spent your life with someone, dealing with the pain is quite an art. One is considered the bravest to get out of that rabbit hole alive.

I for one believe that one can move on not only with the power of time but also the willingness to accept the painful truth.


The words you clearly comprehend but impossible for you to believe. You command yourself to deny its hurtful meaning. Repeatedly denying it leads you to start questioning your worth.

“Was I not enough?”

You start leading a life where all your eyes can perceive is gray. You lose the will to smile for reasons best known to yourself. You’re broken and you don’t know how to pick up the pieces. Or maybe you know but you just refuse to go near the broken pieces of you. You’re like a boat drifting out into the sea that no one notices. Your scars are invisible, but you can feel them in your sleep. In your own tears, you drown.

As time goes by, you get used to the idea that you’re living on without that special person. Then you learn to tell yourself that it’s okay. It’s okay to keep breathing even without the sight of him. Life may not be as colorful as it was when he was by your side but at least, you had the chance to experience love’s magic.

The moment you learn to smile again even without a glimpse of his face, you have moved on.
The second you start painting your days with rainbows without him holding your hands, you have moved on.
When you start believing in the spell of love again, you have moved on.
When you start singing sweet songs all alone, you have moved on.

When your heart no longer aches as clips of him streaming in your head, you have finally moved on.

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