ArrenBio is saving my skin!

Getting rid of my dark acne marks has been my ultimate goal since my battle with acne. I’ve tried some products before but didn’t really meet my expectations. Concealing them is what I always do using anti-acne foundation and concealer. I think this hiding game is coming to an end.

It was a stroke of luck when a seemingly fresh Korean brand sent me a message on Instagram asking me to try their line in exchange for a PR. Before I said yes, I went to their website to check whether it was real or not. You know what I mean. What caught my attention was the kind of ingredients and technology they’re taking pride in. I’ve never heard such a thing in my life. Pretty intriguing! So here I am now talking about it.

I’m going to do this briefly as always. Know that I received the products for free but everything I say is based on my experience and not influenced by anyone. I’ve been using them for over a month now (along with my favorite facial wash and toner). I inserted links for reference and your convenience not for my benefit. Just so you know I won’t earn any commission if you click on them.


ArrenBio creates 5th generation skin care cosmetics, which break away from traditional Classic Chemical method of production and uses Bio Stem Cell technology instead, thus allowing the public to have access to expensive cosmetic prescriptions issued from hospitals or luxury cosmetic firms. – Source ArrenBio

arrenbio solfatara algae line review
ArrenBio’s Line: Solfatara Algae from Napoli

What is Solfatara Algae?

Solfatara algae is a red-colored micro algae extracted from Solfatara, Napoli where the Vesuvio volcano, which is famous for Pompei, is located and it is a unique unicellular organism that can sustain over 130 degrees Celsius and conditions of pH 0-4. It allegedly is a very effective ingredient that helps make skin clean and healthy, researched and developed by Dr. Gabriella Colucci who is well-known as a cosmetic guru in collaboration with Arterra that is one of the world leading Italian laboratories. – Source ArrenBio

The brand was so generous that they sent me 3 products of Solfatara Algae from Napoli line.


  1. Vitalizes the immune function of epidermal cells and minimizes the moisture loss by forming the moisture captivation layer
  2. Helps to maintain the skin flexibility and to improve the collagen synthesis
  3. Helps to restore skin wall damaged by the harmful external environment
  4. Clinical and skin irritation tests complete


  1. Wash your face and pat it dry.
  2. Apply an appropriate amount to your regular cotton pad and gently wipe it off.
  3. Let your skin absorb the product.
  4. Use twice daily.


  1. I love its refreshing scent that disappears after a few minutes.
  2. Consistency is a bit watery
  3. Very light on my skin
  4. The packaging is classy and hygienic.
  5. It also removes dirt.
  6. No burning sensation or tight feeling
  7. Quickly absorbed into my skin


  1. An antioxidant and anti-aging lotion
  2. High absorption of effective ingredients
  3. Clinical and skin irritation tests complete


  1. Apply to face during day/lotion stage.
  2. Let your skin absorb the product.
  3. Use twice daily.


  1. Has the same scent as the toner
  2. Liquidy consistency
  3. Very light on my skin
  4. No sticky feeling
  5. Quickly absorbed into my skin
  6. Doesn’t mess up with my foundation/ concealer
  7. Skin feels soft and hydrated
  8. No burning sensation


  1. Gel-based whitening and anti-wrinkle essence that moisturizes skin and keeps moisture from vaporizing
  2. Contains five different plant stem cell extracts to promote the regeneration of skin cell
  3. Improves skin texture
  4. Clinical and skin irritation tests complete


  1. Apply to face during day/ night essence stage.
  2. Let your skin absorb it.
  3. Use twice daily.


  1. It has that real gel consistency but still very light on my skin.
  2. No stickiness
  3. Same scent as the toner and lotion
  4. Quickly absorbed into my skin as well
  5. Skin feels soft and plump
  6. Very easy to spread on the skin
  7. Doesn’t mess up with my foundation/ concealer
  8. No burning sensation

I’ve noticed that the redness of my skin is getting less visible. The texture is improving, too. First few days, I got one or two zits but were healed quickly. Also, these products give that brightening effect every after application. I can also see a little of that glossy effect. My skin feels balanced, not dry and not oily. I believe that I will be able to see more effects with continuous use. But for now, I’m excited to show you the most visible effect (in less than a month) that I didn’t expect.

arrenbio review
That big dark acne mark had been there for a while and I was really surprised to see it gone!

The only thing that may be a little issue for me is the cost. As a housewife, they’re too expensive for me to maintain. However, I’d definitely purchase one or two of them in the future and when my pocket allows, I’d have all these three because they’re really worth the price! Them becoming a big hit globally won’t come as a surprise to me in the future. If you ever try them, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Would love to hear your experience!

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4 thoughts on “ArrenBio is saving my skin!

  1. These sound really amazing! I never heard of anything like it before


    1. If ever you try them, would love to hear your experience.

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      1. I’ll def let you know if I do!

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  2. I’ve never seen this brand before. Will look for it. Great to know it had benefited your skin well, Sheryl.

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