Safe way to sell used goods in Japan

Last month, apart from posting it on my Facebook I was also searching for ways to sell my camera here as I realized that I wasn’t really a digital camera person. I’m more of a mobile camera person and with my smartphone now, I couldn’t be more content with how my photos come out. I got a little impulsive which led me to sign up for sites like Ebay, LetGo, SayonaraSale, and even posted it on my Craigslist account. Few replied to my posting, but most of them just wanted to get my camera for a lesser price which I couldn’t agree because my baby is still in excellent condition. I believe the price I set wasn’t expensive at all.

Two buyers were very eager to purchase it but for a lesser cost, so I kind of whined about it and my husband introduced Mercari** to me. It’s a noted online flea market in Japan that allows you to sell anything used or new for a price you personally set.

thoughts of sheryl blog
my screenshot of Mercari

Was I able to sell my camera on Mercari (メルカリin Japanese)?

Yes, and I was glad about it. In fact, my iPhone SE was also sold quickly on the app.

expat in japan
my husband’s Mercari account

filipino in japan

We still have other items on sale (will list more goods later). If you’re interested in buying them, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Pros of using Mercari

+ Signing up is for free and quite easy if you can read and write Japanese.

+ Listing your items is for free and simple.

+ Meeting with the buyers or other sellers is completely unnecessary. This is something I find very favorable.

+ You ship your items through your preferred convenience store at no extra cost to you (like Lawson, 7-Eleven, etc.).

+ It’s absolutely legit and that makes you feel secure.


– Mercari Japan doesn’t support other languages which may not be user-friendly to those who can’t read and write Japanese yet.

– 10% selling fee is charged when sale completes. This is definitely where they get the shipping fee if applicable, right? With this in mind, you should set a good price. By good I mean, I think you know what I mean. LOL


I highly recommend this app if you feel insecure using the other sites out there. Or do you know any alternative to Mercari Japan?

**This link is for your reference only. I won’t get any commission if you click it.

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