Flower Fantasy in Ashikaga Flower Park

This vast enchanting garden is located in the southern area of Tochigi Prefecture and is pretty accessible from Tokyo. It claims to have the most beautiful wisterias in the world which I can’t attest just now. I went there last Sunday with my husband which wasn’t the perfect time as the said flowers are expected to be in full bloom during spring. I was well aware of it and yet I pursued to get there for a rather different reason.

This is what Ashikaga Flower Park** turns into by night.

flower fantasy ashikaga flower park
Flower Fantasy runs from 3:30pm ~ 9:00pm (9:30pm on weekends and national holidays) all year round

The garden, being illuminated gives you a sense of fantasy. I don’t think I did justice to the place through this photo I took. It was pretty overwhelming and I saw the other visitors totally amused by what we were seeing.

During the daylight, I managed to relish in the beauty of some other flowers.

ashikaga flower park review

It was such a lovely stroll with the love of my life.  Come evening when the garden was adorned with bright and colorful lights and accompanied by some mystical music background, it made me imagine we were in a different world.

review ashikaga flower park
flower-shaped lightbulbs 

You can take delight in the dazzling scenes while munching on some delicious dishes available right in the park.

ashikaga flower park tochigi
illuminated wisterias

Reminds of the movie Avatar, my favorite of all time. What do you think?

ashikaga flower park 2018

If you’re someone who finds beauty in nature and illumination, this park is the right spot for you. I can’t wait to witness the wisteria festival next spring (from mid-April to mid- May)! You coming?


Business hours:

All year 9:00AM~6:00PM
The winter season 10:00AM~5:00PM
( From the end of November to February )

Admission Fee:

Source: Ashikaga Flower Park

※ Pets are not allowed in the park.

※ Entrance fees and lighting up period may vary depending on when the flowers bloom.


**This link is for your reference only. I won’t get any commission if you click it.

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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    Thanks for sharing such an interesting post about the “Flower Fantasy in Ashikaga Flower Park”. This Post really contains amazing stuff that I ever read.


  2. This is Blue. This place looks awesome! I hope I can visit it during the wisteria festival! Definitely going on my bucket list of things to do before I leave Japan!


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