Top’s Cake For Your Sweets Cravings in Japan!

A chocolate sponge cake that has crushed walnuts as its base covered with thin chocolate flakes? Hell, yes! I’m merely defining this cake from a cake shop we chanced upon while we were at Ecute, a food haven located at Omiya Station. I actually didn’t have high expectations for this based on its appearance. You just can’t judge a book by its cover, huh? I was blown away the minute I let my mouth indulge.

top's chocolate cake review
Price: ¥ 1,540 + Tax, Good for 4-5 people, 195×50×53mm

I loved how the walnuts perfectly complemented the chocolate flavor. The chocolate flakes added more burst to the heavenly taste.

top's king's cake
Name: King’s Chocolate Cake 

The shop Top’s Cake takes pride in its sweets that are made with raw materials and organic sugar. All the more reason why I would love to visit the shop again and try the other flavors.

top's king's cake review
Specific raw materials: Milk · Egg · Wheat · Walnut · Soybean 

Nutrition Facts

*Per 100g of nutrient ingredients

Calories: 443, Protein: 7.7g, Cholesterol: 30.2g

Carbohydrate: 35.1g, Sodium: 38mg, Salt Equivalent: 0.1g

The level of sweetness wasn’t as high as the Empire State. It was a joy that it didn’t exceed my sweetness limit. Whenever I have desserts I usually get pimples the next day. Surprisingly, I didn’t get a single one after feasting on this fabulous cake. I consider this as the cherry on top. So if you have an acne prone skin, don’t worry that much.

Do you have a favorite “cakery” in Japan?


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Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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