I tried Mistine products: Thailand’s No. 1 Cosmetics

If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ll definitely agree with me when I say Mistine’s ads are almost everywhere there. A few times, I even saw them painted on the buses. I couldn’t care less at first. But when it was about time for us to fly back to Japan, we happened to have some baht left and I decided to spend all of it on these products. What made me change my mind? I got 2 things for you. One is Mistine’s lipsticks are affordable and 2, they come in a variety of lovely colors. Bought 4 of them and 1 is an eye palette. Was I right to buy them? Keep reading!

Mistine Nudy Brown Complete Eye Palette

mistine nudy brown complete eye palette review
200 Baht, 7g


  1. A neutral-toned palette for natural and smokey eye looks
  2.  Features 8 classic brown colors that can be used for the eyes and eyebrows
  3. With a smooth and soft texture that provides a long-lasting silky finish with minimal fallout
  4. Formulated with macadamia and avocado oils

The size is quite handy. It comes with basic applicators. I love that this doesn’t have a chemical-like smell. With the colors, makeup beginners like me can surely experiment with this without a fear. Fortunately, this doesn’t cause any irritation. Easy to blend and does last long. I’ve tried wearing this for more than 7 hours and everything was intact even my eyebrows. I’ve been using this for my natural eye look whenever I go out. You’ll see this natural look in the pictures (with the lipsticks) below. Tell me what you think afterwards.

mistine nudy brown complete eye palette swatches
The fallout is truly minimal. The natural look is absolutely achievable using this product.

Mistine Boss Semi Matte Lipstick

mistine boss semi matte lipstick review
140 Baht each, 4g


  1. Lipstick with primer-like effect
  2. Gives long-lasting beautiful color
  3. Feels smooth while applying
  4. Semi-matte lipstick that gives a light, comfortable feeling
  5. Does not dry
  6. Paraben-free

I have the colors No. 04 and No. 05.

mistine boss semi matte lipstick no. 05 and no. 04 swatches

I’m glad that the colors kind of match my tone. These matte lipsticks are indeed smooth to apply and not drying at all even without using a lip balm. I’ve tried reapplying after a meal without a lip balm and it was okay. Also, they last long enough for me. The only downside is that they aren’t transfer-proof. The good thing though is that they don’t smear. Unscented, by the way.

This one has a subtle pink color that can be worn daily. It can even blur the dark linings of my lips.
Now, this has been my favorite. It’s my kind of orange color. It also blurs the dark linings of my lips.

Mistine 9 to 5 Over Color Lipstick

mistine 9 to 5 over color lipstick review
100 Baht each, 3.7 g


  1. The formula is specially formulated lipstick of America (Formula from America) that delivers smooth, crisp colors firmly stand the way you want.
  2. Creamy, pigmented, and long-lasting
  3. Delivers soft, velvety smooth lips.
  4. Fills the lips with avocado oil and vitamin E For healthy lips.
  5. Paraben-free

Bought the colors No. 957 and No. 953. Unlike the first ones, these have a fruity-like scent.

mistine 9 to 5 over color lipstick swatches

It’s true that these ones are smooth to apply and super pigmented. Long-lasting as well. You don’t need a lot of swiping to achieve that pigmented look. If you do swipe a lot, the product tends to smear so be careful with that. I like that these are not drying my lips. They actually do the opposite. Just like the semi-matte lipsticks, these aren’t transfer-proof either.

I’ve been looking for this bold red color and finally found one. It covers the dark linings of my lips.
Its color is quite eye-catching for me, especially that I have a warm undertone. I think this would look best on a fairer skin. What do you think?

Mistine also claims that the results may vary depending on the individual’s skin condition in which I have to agree with. So to answer the question, I think I was right to buy them. They’re not perfect, but the results are worth the price at least for me.

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3 thoughts on “I tried Mistine products: Thailand’s No. 1 Cosmetics

  1. I also like having an orange lipstick. I miss it actually.

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  2. The orange lippy looks great on you! I love how that shade is so wearable


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