My Experience With Apple Support

About 3 months ago, I encountered a problem with a subscription of an app I purchased from App Store. Prior to that, I tried using it for a few days and it was cool. Hence, the purchase. Should I name it? My intention isn’t to ruin its name because the app is a really good one. It’s a video editing app. As a matter of fact, I’m using the other photo editing app by the same developer. So the name is MOLDIV VideoLab by JellyBus Inc.

Here’s what happened…

After completing my 1-month Premium subscription, I started using the app with excitement only to find out that I’d just be frustrated because it prompted something totally unexpected.

This was prompted when I was trying to remove the watermark which was supposed to be possible for Premium users.

Imagine you’re holding your favorite ice cream that you’re about to lick with gusto and then someone accidentally bumps into you, knocking your sweet treat onto the ground. How would that make you feel?

So I did everything I could to fix it from updating the app, rebooting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, to repurchasing it.

First, I purchased the 1-month subscription, then the 1-year.

It still DIDN’T work!! I contacted the developer right then, but there was no immediate response. Without much expectation, I turned to Apple Support. Much to my surprise, the chat support responded right away. However, while I was typing about the issue which I admit I’m not really a fast one (wink), I was disconnected. I tried reconnecting and this time, the customer representative was patient enough as I gave him a heads-up. He even apologized for the disconnection. The man made our conversation brief and absolutely helpful. Can’t remember his name, but once again thanks to him.

The problem was never resolved but I was given something better I should say.

apple support refund
As you can see, there’s even a change of price, but I still got the refund. MOLDIV VideoLab was acting crazy at that time.

Didn’t see it coming, but that was quick and pleasing. If you’ve been curious about Apple giving refunds, hope this helps.

As for the developer, I got a response about a week after. The representative suggested something which I already did but never worked anyway. An apology was made and accepted. No hatred, but I won’t purchase it again. Cue music: “Weee are never ever getting back together.”

Have you ever encountered the same issue? How’s your experience with Apple Support?

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2 thoughts on “My Experience With Apple Support

  1. When I bought my iPhone 3, I had a variety of hardware and software problems, and Apple Support was invariably helpful and polite. I’ve never had any reason to deal with them since, every successor has worked unfailingly.


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