Review: Visee Creamy Lipstick (Red 402)

I was looking for a red lipstick that would match my skin tone (medium) and this one just caught my attention. It appeared a bit bright to me but when I dabbed a bit of it on the back of my hand, I got kind of curious about how it’d look on my hyperpigmented lips. If you have the same issue, keep reading.

visee creamy lipstick rd 402 review
4g, 1,200 JPY (tax not included)


  1. Contains concealing ingredients that offer a soft focus finish and coverage to create a gorgeous matte finish with precise pigmentation.
  2. It is also rich in moisturizing ingredients to retain moisture and help create soft, voluminous lips.
  3. Fragrance-free
visee creamy lipstick rd 402 swatch


  1. Glides smoothly upon application.
  2. It’s highly pigmented.
  3. It’s truly creamy and moisturizing.
  4. It somehow conceals the dark lining of my lips.
  5. Unscented indeed.
  6. It’s light to the feeling.
  7. Doesn’t easily smudge even without a lip liner.
  8. No chemical-like taste.


  1. It transfers. Like the second I bite my sandwich or something, I can see and literally eat it. Fortunately, it’s tasteless. LOL
  2. It’s not really long-lasting. (The brand doesn’t claim it to be one, though. But hey, it’s a bit pricey for me so I actually need it to be long-lasting.)

If you know tips on making it transfer-proof, I’d still recommend this, but if you’re not an expert like me, skip this! I think I’m not buying this again. And here’s what it looks like on an ordinary person. Excuse the not so good image quality. This was taken under poor lighting.

the pinay ajumma
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2 thoughts on “Review: Visee Creamy Lipstick (Red 402)

  1. Those lipstick sandwiches! Lol I’ve had a few of those 💋 NikkieTutorials puts foundation on her dark red lips. I think she powders them too but I’ve never honestly watched that part of her videos.


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