Sanrio Puroland

If you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, Gudetama, or other Sanrio characters, Sanrio Puroland (pronounced as sanriyo pyuroland) must be your paradise. Let’s say you’re not a fan of any of them, yet you do like kawaii (cute) things, you might want to hang out here alone or with your friends and family especially the young ones. Almost a month ago, I finally checked this off my list in the company of my friend who happens to be a Gudetama fanatic. For Gudetama buffs out there, let me do the honor to hook you up with her. I imagine you’ll be all talking about the popular lazy egg with excitement.

This indoor theme park might not be as huge as the other one (you know what I’m talking about), but it has all of the dazzling colors, sparkling lights, and staggering cuteness you’d hope for. I’m not really a fan of any particular Sanrio characters, but just have a soft spot for anything cute. I must say that I had a good time watching the shows (even if I didn’t understand everything they were saying) and promenading the splashy halls. By the way, the rides are absolutely kid-friendly!

sanrio puroland blog 2018
Welcome to the magical world of Hello Kitty and friends!

The park’s opening time varies so you should check their calendar first before going there.

gudetama themed cafe in tokyo
Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant

Indulge in some exclusive yummy eats at the themed restaurants and shops modelled on particular Sanrio characters. My friend and I agreed to have our lunch at Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant located at the Rainbow Hall on the 4th floor. My eyes couldn’t stop wandering around the area. There was color everywhere! What I had for lunch was the Gudetama roast beef which wasn’t only tasty but also filling. Had a little hard time finishing it up.

gudetama roast beef
Gudetama roast beef rice bowl

We called it a day after the afternoon parade that was mesmerizing to witness. One can wallow in the parade with a Miracle♡Light for 1,500 JPY. Its color changes in tune to the sounds from the parade. Hello Kitty will ask everyone to shake their lights together. This one’s rather engaging, especially for the kids.

sanrio puroland 2018
Miracle Gift Parade

Would I recommend the place to everyone? Not really! If you’re not into cute things, Sanrio characters, less adventurous rides, musicals, then this isn’t a paradise for you. Also, there are no English shows here but they’d definitely test your imagination.


  • Tama-center Sta. | South Exit | 5 mins on foot
  • Sagamihara Line | Tama Monorail | Tama Line

For more details, here’s the official English site.

Have you visited Sanrio Puroland yet?

9 thoughts on “Sanrio Puroland

  1. Omg it looks so cuuute! I just love how they have so many cute things in Japan! Thanks for sharing, I definitely want to try it next time I go there!


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