Sukaisan Camp Forest

Also known as Sky Sun Camp Forest is a vast pet-friendly campsite that’s apparently set in the foothills of Mount Sukai, one that’s included in the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains, a book composed by an author that’s also a mountaineer. If you happen to be in Gunma Prefecture, you must have heard about this aged stratovolcano that doesn’t even appear like one due to the forest that’s blanketing the whole mountain. This is one beautiful characteristic of the campground.

To make the most of this year’s blazing summer, my travelling buddy and I finally decided to cross camping off the list. The wonderful experience took place almost 2 weeks ago and I’m really glad my husband found this campsite. By chance, it’s only a 2-hour drive from home (minus the 1-hour drive of taking the wrong turn LOL).

Passing the calming views on our way there was already a pleasant experience. Things just got better when we finally reached our destination. Green was the theme of the adventure. I totally admired the placidness of the site. It gave me different emotions that took some time for me to process. It was a kind of feeling that I usually don’t get when strolling around the bustling cities. Although the weather wasn’t very cooperative especially for the rest of our night, I’d still consider it a precious time for us.

sukaisan camp forest gunma
My Sushi, posing for us. In the background is our rented tent that became our home for a night.
review sukaisan camp forest japan
These sweet corns were given by the owners for free. Isn’t it amazing?

One thing I’ve learned from camping (the standard way) is that it has the power to make you realize how blessed you are in so many ways. Sometimes, when we experience unpleasant circumstances, we tend to forget about the things that really matter. We long for things that aren’t there thinking that they would save us from the darkness. Call me emotional but I did get teary-eyed thinking about a lot of things that have happened in my life while listening to the sound of the rain (and my husband’s snores LOL). It was such a night of vulnerability, remembering, realizations, and gratitude. In the morning, I woke up trying to remember what happened before I lost my consciousness. Went back home with the desire to go camping again.


  1. Address: 2618 Tonecho Okkai,
    Numata 378-0303,
    Gunma Prefecture
  2. Sukaisan Camp Forest offers inexpensive but definitely not cheap (at least for me) facilities.
  3. You can rent camping goods such as tents, tables, LED, utensils, and more.
  4. You can also buy their BBQ set ingredients if you don’t want the hassle of carrying things with you.
dog friendly camping site in gunma japan
The heart of the camping. Would you agree?

5. Toilets are shared.
6. Shower rooms are not for free.
7. The attendants (probably the owners) are affable.
8. Washing area and grilling station are available.
9. It’s an open area. Safe from bears? That I’m not certain. But hey! I’m still here!

For more info, visit their official site. It’s currently in Japanese only, but feel free to shoot me a line if you have questions.

dog friendly camping site in japan
Look at that view! Can’t wait to be here again!

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20 thoughts on “Sukaisan Camp Forest

  1. wow, amazing place. I have never been to Japan. I have the impression that it is too expensive to travel in Japan.


    1. You might want to visit the place.


  2. Great blog you have here, Sheryl! 😊


      1. You’re welcome 😊😊😊

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