I tried the new Coca-Cola Clear!

Coca-Cola Japan launched this intriguing beverage last month and finally, I had the chance to try it yesterday. I don’t know why but this isn’t available in the nearest supermarket. Family Mart has it, however, I’m not quite sure if you can buy one from other convenience stores.

As the name suggests, this variant has a water-like color and claims to have zero calories. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

coke clear review

The first thing I noticed was its smell. It smelled nothing like the original. How was the taste? For me, it was like a better version of normal sparkling water. I could still get that oomph as it went down my throat. I tried hard to somehow find that original taste, but it was more like a faint taste of lemon. Still sweet and refreshing, though. If I was a fan of soft drinks, I’d definitely gulp some more!

If you’re a fan of Coke, you might enjoy it! Word is that it’s only up for grabs in Japan (perhaps for now).

What do you think of this beverage?

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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