Tokyo Travel Guide: Tsukiji Hongwanji

Close by Tsukiji Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line stands Tsukiji Hongwanji (or Hongan-ji) designed with an Indian architectural motif and is the largest Buddhist training center in the Kanto area. It’s an extension temple of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha sect, widely known as Nishi Hongwanji, the Mother Temple in Kyoto. This is rather a distinct architecture in Japan that had me flabbergasted. Probably the first one that made me think I wasn’t in Japan for a second.

tsukiji hongwanji
Tsukiji Hongwanji (2018)

It’s located a few minutes away from Ginza and Tsukiji Fish Market. So if you happen to be in those places, don’t forget to swing by and have a look at how astonishing the temple can be.

tsukiji hongwanji temple
the Main Worship Hall

An image of Amida Buddha is enshrined within the central altar in the main worship hall (or Hondo). I was in awe looking at the golden structures and delicate details embellishing the hall. More than that I admire how the temple was completed by the vehement devotion of the Shinshu followers. The completion wasn’t easy as pie as it encountered some obstacle. It was once lost in the tremendous Kanto earthquake of 1923. No wonder why it’s considered as a significant national cultural property.

tsukiji honganji
My little sister (on the left) and I posing at the entrance

The temple is visited by everyone, not just the Shinshu followers. If you’re only visiting, be sure to observe silence. Just a friendly reminder. Want to know more about the temple? Visit the official site here (in English).

Things you should know:
Free Admission
Photography OK

Access: Subway
O-EDO LINE to TSUKIJI SHIJOU Station (E18) and walk 7 min. towards St. Luke’s Hospital.
On Foot
About 20 minutes away from Ginza, towards HARUMI pier.

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20 thoughts on “Tokyo Travel Guide: Tsukiji Hongwanji

  1. I have passed by this temple a few times and always did wanted to take a look! I will most definitely check it out the next time I’m in the area!

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  2. Central temple for my father’s observance of “eastern” Jodo Shinshu. It was designed by the (somewhat controversial) architect, Itō Chūta, when it was rebuilt some time in the 1930’s. There’s a similar temple in Nagoya. I believe Itō Chūta also designed some temples in South Korea.

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