Review: HG Cozy Hotel No. 3 (Uji, Kyoto)

Finding a good hotel can take a lot of time and effort at times especially when it’s your first time going to your destination. This is where you consult booking sites and bam! Eureka! On our recent trip to Kyoto (April 30~ May 3, 2018) by car (yes, it’s possible by car), my husband and I agreed to make HG Cozy Hotel No. 3 our home away from home based on the photos we saw on the site, its location, and how we could spend less on the accommodation since we were traveling with my sister. Basically, it’s an apartment that can cater up to 5 people. Would I recommend it? Keep reading!



611-0011 Kyoto, Uji, Gokasho Hibarijima 1-72, Japan

With a dining area and fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, toaster, and fridge. A flat-screen TV is available. A private bathroom with a bathtub comes with free toiletries, bath amenities, and a hairdryer. Towels and bed sheets are offered. Slippers are provided as well. Other facilities include free Wi-Fi, laundry, heating, air conditioning, and more. You can see all of them when you go over at a booking site.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is not a paid/sponsored content. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on experience.


It’s kind of remote so going there by car is highly suggested. By remote, I mean it’s not that near the station. And the nearest convenience store is like 8~10 minutes away by car. We actually had a little confusion over locating it. Parking is provided but with a little difficulty due to the narrowness of the space.

As soon as we arrived, insects welcomed us. Can’t tell what kind of flying creatures they were but I’m certain that they weren’t mosquitos. I understand because it’s nestled near a river and surrounded by nature. It’s also located near a few famous spots in Kyoto. So from there, we were able to visit these spots in 2 days (by car). The farthest among them was just about an hour.



hg cozy hotel no.3 review
Kitchen and Dining


All the offered facilities were functional at the time of our visit so it was a good point. We were able to do the laundry, but there was no designated area to dry them so we just hung them up everywhere in the room. The free Wi-Fi was limited to normal usage. Towels and mattresses were clean and enough for 3 people. I was happy about the washlet in the toilet. It was really comfortable.


hg cozy hotel no. 3 uji kyoto review
beds, living room


The place was so peaceful that we all did enjoy good nights of sleep. In addition, the whole unit was properly cleaned. The area was big enough for us.


For 3 nights we paid about 45, 000 JPY which wasn’t too expensive. It’s actually a bit lesser than staying at a real hotel. So if you’re traveling with a group of 5, this place isn’t bad at all.


Prior to our arrival, they communicated with my husband through email for the rules. Also, they gave us a call about an hour before our arrival to check up on us and told us to contact them if we needed something.


Overall, we enjoyed our stay there minus the insects. We had the whole place to ourselves which was a nice thing. Personally, I favored the tranquility of it because I needed it after the hustle and bustle of the places we visited during the day. In all honesty, I’d recommend this if you’re traveling by car for the sake of your convenience.

Where did you stay in Kyoto? Share your experience with us!




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  1. Very useful to know! We struggled with looking for reasonably-prices accommodation whilst in Kyoto that we ended up staying in a business hotel in Osaka instead!


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