Review: Shiseido Aqualabel White Up Set

Being known as the no. 1 Japanese brand, I didn’t hesitate to try one of their lines that can be bought at the main drugstores in Japan. If my memory serves me right, I tried this set during our trip to Singapore as a travel kit last year. This review almost slipped my mind. So how was it? Read on!

shiseido aqualabel blue review
Shiseido Aqualabel White Up Set

The set includes the following products:

  1. Deep Clear Oil Cleansing (20ml)
  2. White Clear Foam (20g)
  3. White Up Lotion II (18ml)
  4. White Up Emulsion II (18ml)


  1. A moisturizing and brightening skincare set.
  2. All products prevent spots and freckles.


Deep Clear Oil Cleansing

Keep hands and face dry. Pour an appropriate amount onto your palm and gently massage all over your face. Rinse well.

White Clear Foam

Squeeze out about 1 cm of the cream onto your palm. Add a small amount of water and make a lather. Gently massage all over your face. Rinse well.

White Up Lotion II

After washing your face, pour an appropriate amount onto your palm or a cotton. Apply all over the face.

White Up Emulsion II

After the lotion, take a pea size on the palm or cotton, let it fit the whole face.

Okay, this will be brief and straightforward. To my surprise, this set didn’t trigger any acne. My face felt moisturized enough and it didn’t look awfully oily. I finished the set in about 2 weeks but I couldn’t see any noticeable brightening effect. Perhaps, I should have bought another set and kept on using them to see if they could lighten my dark spots. Unfortunately, the nearby drugstore (in our previous place) ran out of stock when I was planning to buy one. The catch is that the set isn’t so affordable for me. That being said, I only bought the White Clear Foam in a bigger size and have been using it as one of my facial wash products for a few months now. So far so good. I only use it 2 to 3 times a week just to save. LOL I might write a separate review on it. Don’t miss it!

Overall, this set is fairly recommended.

How was your experience with this set or one of these products?

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