Review: Visée Color Polish Lipstick

Have you ever bought something only because the face of the product is someone you admire? If you say yes, then I’ll be in total relief! It may sound weird, but I’ve done it for the first time ever. This is the case with today’s brand, a pride of Kosé. As you may know, Kosé is one of the leading Japanese brands in the world of skincare and cosmetics. If you’re curious, the gorgeous Rola, the endorser made me buy this. So do I have any regrets about purchasing the product? Read on!

visee color polish lipstick review
5g, BE 320 (Cool Pink Beige)


  1. A moisturizing lipstick that gives a long-lasting vibrant color.
  2. Covers vertical wrinkles of the lips
  3. With a glossy finish that can make your lips look voluminous
  4. Unscented


  1. The color matches my skin tone (at least for me).
visee color polish lipstick swatch

2. Classy design
3. No scent at all.
4. Doesn’t irritate my lips.
5. Doesn’t smudge.
6. It’s not drying provided that your lips should be exfoliated prior to application.
7. Easy to remove
8. It makes my lips look more voluminous.
9. The color lasts for 4 hours (my usual length of wearing makeup) or so.
10. It doesn’t melt in its container.
11. It can cover the dark pigmentation of my lips when applied with 5 or more swipes.

visee color polish lipstick review
With just 3 swipes, it almost covered the dark lining of my lips.


  1. It isn’t transfer-proof.
  2. The glossy finish turns matte after a few hours (or is it just me?).
visee color polish lipstick cool pink beige

I like how the color looks on me. I don’t mind it turning matte. I just have to exfoliate my lips first. Will continue wearing this and probably try the other colors. And to answer the question, no, I don’t have any regrets at all. Recommended! What do you think of the color? Does it look okay on me?

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