2 Lush Products I Stopped Using

With the great reviews that have been going around social media, I was enticed into buying a few of Lush products with hopes of achieving that clear skin. About a year ago, I went to Lush in Shinjuku to finally try the brand. At the time, my skin was under pimple attack and both dry and oily. Also, the redness caused by the previous acne was really vivid. I was told to try their mask, toner, and cream that would help my poor skin.

I liked the mask and bought 2 more. I haven’t used it again since then due to the price. Too expensive for me. While it wasn’t a bad experience, this wasn’t the case with the other 2 products.

lush breath of fresh air toner review
Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner
  1. Made with natural ingredients
  2. Alcohol-free
  3. Soothes and hydrates skin
  4. Calms redness


After spritzing this onto my skin, I would get a tingling sensation which kept happening until I stopped using it. I didn’t like the irritating feeling. It didn’t even calm the redness on my skin. Sometimes, my skin felt itchy.

lush vanishing cream moisturizer review
Lush Vanishing Cream Moisturizer
  1. Made with natural ingredients
  2. Light moisturizer
  3. Tightens pores
  4. Softens skin
  5. Can be used twice daily


As much as I wanted to like this moisturizer due to its scent, but I had to quit using it for it caused me to break out. My skin even became more oily. I gave it a chance for having a hunch that my skin was just probably adjusting to the new product, but it wasn’t the case. I got red spots/ rashes on my forehead. They disappeared when I quit using these 2. This was pricey, but it didn’t live up to my expectation.

It’s such a shame that I had to let these go untouched for months. Still can’t afford to ditch them right now. They’re still usable so I’m thinking about giving them away. Tell me about your experience with these products.

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5 thoughts on “2 Lush Products I Stopped Using

  1. I have been using the cream and for me, it’s doing good for my skin… I love the smooth texture after using it.. ♥


      1. Haha, indeed I am… 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion about the products! Lush made me break out too! I had huge hopes for it but the results and the price are not worth the hype.


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