Never Reply To This Chinese Network Service Company!

Two days ago, I received an email from a network service company that goes by the name China Registry. It goes like this..

Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 2.37.01 PM

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? But kudos to my Gmail for the heads-up! To be certain, I did some digging and I found a few articles pertaining to this domain name registration scam. You can read one here.

Just a reminder, no matter how convincing an email is, do some research first! And the best thing to do is…. ignore it!

Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Wondering wanderer | Chocolate addict

8 thoughts

  1. So many scams nowadays. My friend received a call from someone with heavy Indian accent, telling him that unless he go to Walmart and buy a iTunes giftcard, the IRS (US Tax agency) will be at his door. It was quite comical, so he simply responded and told him to let them come, assuming the “IRS” must have his address 🙂


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