Where To Have A Tasty and Affordable Yakiniku in Saitama

Who doesn’t know what yakiniku is? You’ve got to be kidding! Apart from sushi and ramen, it’s one of the most sought-after Japanese eats. It’s a luxury that one has to afford. On special occasions or not, you deserve a fine grilled meat especially beef. To be specific, Kuroge Wagyu beef.

I don’t want to waste words right now. Let me get to the point! Last Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to discover this den of grilled delights. It goes by the name Gaisenmon (焼肉凱旋門ウニクス南古谷店). I have to inform you right ahead that this post won’t contain any photos of the restaurant’s interior and close up shots of the wagyu beef that I had. Pardon me for not being mindful of taking photos. It was so delicious that capturing them slipped from memory.

The restaurant offers set meals that include of course the star of them all, their proclaimed high-quality kuroge wagyu beef that has a fine taste one can truly savor. I opted for the one with a touch of Korean cuisine, the udon noodle set (yuggaejang udong in Korean).


Price: 1,680 JPY


I have to agree with their claim. The beef was rich in flavor. Dipped in their special sauce, it indeed brought pleasure to my mouth. My husband and I even agreed to order more.

As for the udon noodle dish, it wasn’t oily and its soup was easy to the taste. The noodle was perfectly cooked and the best thing was the beef. It was so tender I didn’t have to normally chew it.


Will surely go back to try the other sets or for more yakiniku!


For more details, click here. The site is in Japanese, so just consult Google Translate or leave your queries in the comments below.  (NOTE: I won’t get any kind of kickback or commission if you click on this.)

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is not a paid/sponsored content. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience. 

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