Tokyo Rusk: Perfect gift/ souvenir?

One easy Sunday afternoon, I was basking in my moment of serenity when suddenly the doorbell rang. I walked up to the monitor to check who it was. The monitor registered calm faces of a man and woman. Pressed the button and said “Yes?” in Japanese. The bright looking guy answered me in a friendly voice, but with words I barely understood. As much as I wanted to reply in his language, I unconsciously uttered “I’m sorry I can’t speak Japanese well.” I waited for a response while looking at their faces on the monitor. The guy seemed confused but stayed calm as he glanced at her. I broke the silence with the words “Please hold on.” in Japanese this time.

Ran to the door and gently opened it. With my smiling face, I greeted them. Both smiled back at me. Because we couldn’t converse in the same language, the guy made the simplest and yet the most significant way for me to know who they were. He pointed at a house in front of ours and handed me a small box that looked like a gift. That awkward but cheerful moment came to an end after exchanging a few words and bows. Can you guess who they were? Leave your answer in the comment box below.

With excitement, I unwrapped the box and found 13 packs of biscuit-looking things. I read Tokyo Rusk and consulted Mr. Google right away. Found out that it’s a Japanese confectionery that’s popular for their delicious rusk. I sampled one after one. It was so tasty I almost finished all of them.

tokyo rusk
Tokyo Rusk Premium Almond Rusk

This is their bestselling rusk and I understand why. It was crispy but not difficult to eat. The exquisite balance of crunchy almonds and caramel made this rusk pleasurable in my mouth.

tokyo rusk
Tokyo Rusk Uji Matcha Choco Rusk

The sweet blend of Uji matcha and chocolate was a luxury. It was the kind of taste I surely enjoyed. Both of them had the level of sweetness that was just right to my liking. Not too sweet. There was actually another type included in the box that I forgot to take photos of. It was the Raspberry Choco Rusk which was just as tasty.

So with the delish experience I had, I’d say Tokyo Rusk must be a great gift for everybody. Don’t forget to grab one of these when you visit Japan!

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19 thoughts on “Tokyo Rusk: Perfect gift/ souvenir?

  1. I love those macha rusk ones. Have you tried the raspberry ones? I’ve seen them but I haven’t tried them yet. They’re kind of hard to get here in Hokkaido.


  2. Mayulacoquette April 5, 2018 — 4:17 PM

    So nice! Did you give them back anything?


    1. Not yet. My bad. Thanks for the reminder!


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