Review: Spektrum Blue Light Blocking Glasses

FULL DISCLOSURE: The company sent me the product/s for free in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed are completely my own and not influenced by anyone under any circumstances.

Do you spend long hours on your smartphone or computer? If so, you might want to learn a thing or two about these blue light-filtering glasses. I may have used them only for 5 days now, but I just can’t help myself sharing my review this early. As you may know, I usually do it (especially for goods) after a month or so.

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Spektrum provides computer glasses designed with ultimate protection from damaging UV light and too much synthetic blue light.


ProSPEK-50 blocks the most harmful blue light while allowing all the other colors through. These glasses are ideal for office workers and people that don’t want that harsh yellow tint.”

ProSPEK-99 blocks up to 99% of blue light emitted by electronic devices. Perfect for people who are on their devices at all hours.”


  1. I used to feel tired and have teary eyes after roughly 3 hours of using my phone, computer, and other devices, but surprisingly with these glasses on, I could go on without feeling drained and having watery eyes. This is very important for me especially when I do some blogging and teaching stuff for many hours. And of course binge-watching!
  2. After doing things on my gadgets and with these glasses (ProSPEK-99) on at night, going to sleep soon hasn’t been an issue for me. I’ve experienced the opposite many times before.
  3. I usually feel lightheaded after a few hours looking at my computer, but with ProSPEK-50 on, I actually haven’t felt it for 5 days now. Hope this will persist.
  4. Both glasses are very light and made with high-quality frames.
  5.  I haven’t felt any discomfort wearing them.
  6. The designs are my type. Stylish in a way that they don’t make me look weird. Know what I mean?
  7. They claim that ProSPEK-50 glasses are optimized with Anti-Fog Coating and Fingerprint Resistant Anti-Oil Coating. Mind you, they work! Considering it’s winter now our glass doors do fog up, but not these glasses when placed in and out their cases. Once I tried touching the lenses with my fingers, fingerprints were seen but I easily cleaned them using the provided cleaning cloth. After 2-3 gentle wipes, the lenses looked good as new.
  8. No glaring and flickering.
  9. The cases are not bulky.
  10. Each case comes with a quality microfiber cleaning cloth that’s a bit thick, soft, lint-free, and abrasive-free.
  11. Glasses for kids are also available.
  12. The size fits like a glove. I even let my husband (who happens to be bigger) try them and they just fit him perfectly.
review spektrum glasses


  1. When you purchase, shipping isn’t for free ($5.00 anywhere in Canada or the continental United States and if you’re outside this area, they’ll send you a custom quote), but this is justifiable.

Couldn’t be happier to have been given this opportunity. If not for Spektrum, I wouldn’t have known how negligent I was in taking good care of my eyes. Will definitely buy a pair later in the event of loss and damage. Have you ever heard about or tried Spektrum glasses? Let me know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Spektrum Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  1. I swear by blue-light blocking reading glasses and keep a pair next to my bed, at the office, at the kitchen table, and in my bag. I work in IT so most of my time is spent staring at a screen. They’ve made a huge difference! Thank you for the review!


  2. Great article! My naturopath has suggested I use these so that I get full hr sleep and eyes don’t get drained etc.. I’m yet to buy these as I wasn’t sure if they actually work! Will give it a shot. xx


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