I tried the new Peach Coca-Cola!

The world’s first Peach Coca-Cola is on sale at convenience stores now! The bad news is that the new beverage will only be available in Japan for a limited time. Apparently, the country was selected to be the first to latch on to the new drink because peaches are well loved by its people. Furthermore, the seasonal festival of peaches (March 3) is just around the corner hence peach drinks are said to be in high demand from January to March. So the company just did the right thing. What do you think?


peach coca-cola review


Just so you know, I stopped drinking soft drinks a year ago to avoid health problems. I made an exception last night just for this. Well, I didn’t consume one bottle just a few gulps only to find out what this unique flavor mix would taste like.

I sniffed at it before tasting it. It had a faint aroma of peach which was contrary to my expectation. The familiar rejuvenating taste of Coca-cola greeted my mouth. Blended with the impeccable kick of sweet-smelling peaches, it was easy to drink. I could have gulped one bottle down, but I made a rule. I’m not giving in to the sweet temptation. That one-time affair is enough.

Have you tried it yet? Would you try it? What’s your favorite peach drink?


Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

33 thoughts

  1. I personally loved it. It’s out for a limited time here in canada in my asian market.

    When I first opened it and took a sip, I was a bit disappointed because it tasted like regular coke. After awhile though, I definitely could taste the peach. It was there without being overpowering.

    I find that the less carbonation there is, the more pronounced the peach flavour.


  2. It’s in New Zealand now. I’ve tried it and I have to say that I won’t be buying it again. I just don’t like it.


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