Crab Cuisine Restaurant Sapporo

You can’t just leave Hokkaido without having a bite of their crab dishes. And when you’re in Sapporo, you’re definitely at the right place. It’s known as the “City of Food” so expect that in every corner, your eyes will be overwhelmed by the colorful restaurant signs and banners especially in the downtown area. You’re quite likely to see the striking giant billboards as well. Just like this one..

crab cuisine restaurant sapporo

Took this right outside Crab Cuisine Restaurant Sapporo a.k.a. Hokkaido Kani-Shogun Sapporo after having a sumptuous lunch on New Year’s Day. It’s a large crab restaurant that serves fresh crabs from Hokkaido fitted in a seemingly old Japanese fishery manager’s house design. No wonder why it looks like an old house from the outside.

hokkaido kani-shogun sapporo

It was on the first day of 2018 that we finally had the chance to get in. There had been a queue since our first day in Sapporo (Dec. 30, 2017). That was enough reason to be intrigued so we waited for that once in a lifetime chance. So there we were….

crab cuisine restaurant sapporo menu
“Kiyomizu” course (10 dishes,/  5,940 JPY) *good for one person only

My husband and I opted for the course that would allow us to sample a variety of crab dishes, but wouldn’t sum up to more than 20,000 JPY. The kiyomizu course includes an appetizer, crab tofu, queen crab sashimi, vinegared queen crab, queen crab in a small pot, crab gratin, fried crab shao mai, king crab sushi roll, soup, and dessert (drinks not included). I intentionally took photos of these for this post so you can be acquainted with just a few of the many dishes they serve.


vinegared quuen crab
vinegared queen crab
crab gratin
crab gratin
queen crab hot pot
queen crab in a small pot
fried crab shao mai
fried crab shao mai
king crab sushi roll
soup and king crab sushi roll
crab cuisine restaurant sapporo dessert

Despite being in a big city, the restaurant had the ambiance of a traditional Japanese house with polite servers in kimono. I’m trying to recall any unpleasant incident during our festivity but nothing comes to mind. I should just be upfront and say that their service was satisfying. And the dishes? What else can I say but, legit delicious! Totally worth the bucks!

How was your experience here? If not here, where did you have your crab meal in Sapporo?









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