Review: Makoto Kyoto Premium Soap

Out of curiosity, I found myself in a queue to pay for this soap at Tokyu Hands. Its promises were a bit tempting and at the time I was on the look for a good product that would aid the dryness. As the cold season began, my skin went from combination to just dry. Other issues are redness, acne and dark spots, premature wrinkles, and dullness. So I gave this one a try. Here are my thoughts after finishing 3 bars.

makoto kyoto premium soap review

1,008 JPY (120g)

makoto kyoto premium soap ingredients
back of the package


  1. A beauty secret soap from Kyoto that once was mainly sold to geishas and maikos. It’s said that being a geisha or maiko, one must have a great skin.
  2. With soybean extract that enriches and leaves the skin beautiful and healthy.
  3. Has pearl extract to reduce the effect of UV light and reinforce the whitening action and Ph balance.
  4. Removes freckles.
  5. Cleans pores and prevents acne.
  6. Moisturizes and clarifies skin.


  1. It did good in moisturizing my skin.
  2. Didn’t smell odd whatsoever.
  3. I could easily lather it up.
  4. Paraben and perfume free
  5. Organic
  6. Both for men and women
  7. One bar lasted for almost 2 months (used by 2 people). But I think it would last longer if used by just one person.


  1. After some peeling (not intense) in the first few weeks, no noticeable effects happened aside from moisturizing my skin.
  2. One or two acne would still appear while using the soap.

Apparently, there are more pros than the cons but I discontinued using this. The reasons are stated under cons which were the things I considered more important in my case.

Have you used this before? How was it?

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