Japan’s Big Boy Restaurant: Yep or Nope?

DISCLOSURE: This is not a paid/sponsored content. The opinions expressed are completely my own based on my experience.

Big Boy Restaurant is known for its wide variety of steaks including their hand-kneaded hamburger steak made of 100% beef. The first time I tried their chicken steak with crab and shrimp on the side, boy did I want to come back for more!

big boy restaurant chicken steak
Chicken steak with fried crab and shrimp (1,390 JPY + tax)

My favorite part is the unlimited plain rice, curry rice, salad, soup, and drinks. The bar serves over 16 kinds of delectable salads, 2-3 types of appetizing soup, and over 5 kinds of hot and cold drinks.

Every now and then they add dishes to their menu for a limited time only. I was lucky enough to have my share of their popular Cheese in Hamburg Fair which started last May of this year.

big boy restaurant cheese in hamburg
1,390 JPY + tax

Where’s the cheese?

cheese in hamburg big boy restaurant japan
There you are! Yummmm!

It’s a mixture of Colby Jack and Monterey Jack cheese which adds delightful flavor to this heavenly hamburger steak.

Not only do they serve dishes for adults, they also have a menu for the kids to love. It’s safe to say it’s indeed a family restaurant. It’s a place where you won’t mind spending your money on. What you’ll get is totally worth the bucks. So, it’s a YEP!

Go tap your Google Maps app to check the nearby branches!





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