Daiso Products That Are Worth Buying

Not only is Daiso known as a broad franchise of 100-yen shops established in Japan, but it’s also popular for its cute and unique products. As a thrift shopper, it makes me feel like a child in a chocolate store. It has things that I’ve been using since I came here. That being said, these products are tried and tested.

  1. Household Cleaning Products

I especially recommend the wipes which come in different types such as floor wipes, refrigerator and microwave wipes, and so on.

2. Hangers

In all fairness, they may be cheap but quality wise I’ve had them for over a year now.

3. Bookstands

I just love the dainty designs!

4. Flower vases

Cheap but classy looking.

5. Artificial flowers

Just beautiful!

6. Saucers and plates

Cute, classy, simple, and more!

7. Dumbbells

daiso dumbbells

My new buddies!

8. Storage bags

daiso storage bag

Definitely useful for travels.

9. Makeup pouches

daiso makeup pouch

There are varieties of designs that may suit to your liking. I like this simple pink one.

10. Pipettes

daiso pipette

They come in different volumes, designs, and colors. I got this one that’s just enough for my traveling bottles.

11. Traveling bottles

You’ll surely get what you need. The bottles are of various sizes, colors, and functions.

12. Silicone 3D Facial Mask

daiso 3d silicone facial mask

You get one mask in a package. Wear this on top of your regular facial mask to maximize the absorption. With this you don’t have to worry about your mask falling or moving when you have to do some other things.

Some products are priced more than a 100-yen but not more than 1000 yen. Still they are inexpensive but worth buying. Do you have any favorite products from Daiso?

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23 thoughts on “Daiso Products That Are Worth Buying

  1. Everything is worth buying in Daiso. 🙂 That’s the magic of 100-en shops in Japan: useful, cute, fun and good quality products for a few coins. And when you buy something that costs more than 100-en, the cashier lady or guy reminds you so you’re sure that you haven’t mistaken for a cheaper one. Because 100-en shops have the great service of Japan.

    In Europe, on the other hand, you’ll find a few 1-euro shops, but they suck. First, almost everything costs (much) more than 1 euro, and the products are of very low quality. And they’re ugly and sad-looking. And the service… What service? 😀


  2. One of my favorite places to pop in!!!

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  3. I just decked out my new apartment with a load of Daiso plates and chopsticks etc., the crockery is so nice too! Great blog post


    1. You’ll probably go for more. 😀
      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. My dad loves to buy the cute little figurines; like the chef holding a ‘Welcome’ board.
    Whenever he visits Daiso, he has to buy one. 😀


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