Yakitori Center’s Must Try Dishes

Yakitori Center is one of the many yakitori restaurants in Japan. From the name itself you can tell that the menu is all about skewered chicken because that’s what yakitori is. However, this isn’t the case in this cozy restaurant/ bar. It has indeed a variety of dishes to try and to love. Here are my top 3 recommendations in random order:

yakitori center grilled chicken thigh
Grilled Chicken Thigh

I was a bit surprised with its size which was a little bigger than the previous chicken skewers I had. The spring onions did complement with the chicken. Its smell was quite appetizing. I just loved how it was perfectly grilled. Not too much. Not even greasy.

yakitori center pork kimchi cheese skewer
Pork Kimchi Cheese Skewer

This was a bomb! Any dish that has pork and kimchi in it isn’t new to me at all, but with cheese? I honestly found it strange at the time, but when I had it in my mouth oh boy was I so amazed by the distinct flavor it brought. Distinctively pleasing to the taste!

yakitori center fried chicken wing tips
Fried Chicken Wing Tips

This one is the most popular especially to the ones who come to drink. I could eat about 5 plates (with 10 pieces) of this or more! It was absolutely flavorful, but not overwhelming.

One good point of Yakitori Center is that the dishes are mostly not that expensive. It’s a great spot to treat your tummy once in a while. Find the nearest branch to you here.

Join me in my foodie discoveries here in Japan!

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