Review: Emerging From Shadows by Balroop Singh

I can hear the raindrops and feel the cool wind at the moment. Ah, I like it when the refreshing wind gently blows me a kiss. This is a perfect time for me to pen my thoughts on this poetry book I’ve recently finished. Moments like this aids my thoughts to flow freely.

Doing this takes me back to my university days where my Literature professor would ask us to provide her with our reaction paper of the books, plays, movies, and poems that were not of our choice with particular numbers of words and pages. You’re not an English major if you don’t write a reaction paper until you graduate. That was my life back then. Bittersweet.

If you’re not fond of reading such paper, today is your lucky day! Even if this is a poetry book, I’ll still do the same approach as my other reviews. The core of this is not to spoil your enjoyment, curiosity and the like.


  1. Each poem was so relatable as if they were written for me.
  2. The poet played with words well.
  3. Different forms and symbols were used to awake my sleeping imagination.
  4. There were rhymes that when I read each poem aloud, it was just good to hear.
  5. Most of the poems had that power to leave me introspective.
  6. Variety of tones were present like at some point I felt ecstatic then down after another.
  7. ESL (English as a Second Language) learners won’t find it hard to understand and feel each poem. It’ll also serve as vocabulary enhancement for them. Why? Because I’m one myself and as an ESL teacher, it’s important to read something that does not only teach grammar but touches one’s emotion and mind.
  8. The book left me inspirited by its delightful words.


Absolutely none.

I wouldn’t hesitate to promote this book, especially to the non-English speakers. This is the only poetry book that I read until the end of the page with gusto. Unlike when I was at school, at times it was just about complying. This is going to be my pick-me-up book when the clouds become a bit shadowy.

Get to know Balroop Singh and the book blurb here.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I received a soft copy of the book for free in exchange for this review. The opinions expressed are completely my own.

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