Review: Maybelline The Milky Neo Nude by Water Shiny Lipstick

Summer in Japan is just round the corner and I’ve decided to purchase a lippie that would look natural on blazing days. Since I’m not a makeup expert, boy was I having a hard time finding one that would somehow suit me. At least in my eyes. Another thing that usually gets in the way is the language. The descriptions of the products here are widely written in Japanese regardless of their origin. Google Translate app comes in handy.

maybelline the milky neo nude by water shiny lipstick
Shade PK622 (Soft Nude)


  1. Unscented
  2. Simple but sleek cap design.
maybelline neo nude lipstick tube

3. Glides easily.
4. Gives lips a gloss look.
5. Lips feel moisturized.
6. Not heavy on the lips.
7. Good color.
8. When applied 3 or more times, it covers the dark pigmentation of my lips.


  1. Doesn’t last long.
  2. A bit pricey.
  3. It kind of accentuates the lines and flakes of my lips. (I tend to have dry lips at times.)

Because I don’t wear a heavy makeup, I’m satisfied with its sheer color when applied once. I just have to exfoliate and smooth out my lips prior to application. I suggest you do the same if you experience dry lips as well. I say I’m fine wearing this on daily basis. I’ll keep using this until it’s finished. I may purchase the same line but would love to try a different shade in the future. Here’s the actual look.

maybelline neo nude lipstick
This was my first try so I didn’t bother exfoliating my lips and applying some lip balm.

I’m actually looking for a good but affordable lip balm. What do you recommend?

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8 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline The Milky Neo Nude by Water Shiny Lipstick

  1. I think that I may be an expert on all things lip balm. Hospital air is soooooooo dry plus my breathing is all crazy so I’ve tried a lot of them. In my opinion, The Body Shop makes THE best. I order it online. Hope this helps!


    1. Thanks a lot, Lisa! Will try to get it.

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      1. If your lips are really dry, try using Vaseline overnight first. Then use the Body Shop one during the day. Good luck!


  2. The color looks really nice. For me I find lipstick distracting when I wear it. I always leave it on things I drink. But it looks really nice.


    1. Right! What I do is, I wipe it off right before drinking and eating. 😀

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  3. colourthoselips June 27, 2017 — 7:40 PM

    What a fabulous lipshade!! I unfortunately don’t use lip balm so I couldn’t recommend anything 😦

    Great post

    I would love for you to check it my latest post 🙂 xx


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