KFC Japan’s new Chizza: Yep or Nope?

Chizza is basically a domestic chicken with pizza toppings which was first launched a year ago. Correct me if I’m wrong. I remember it was absolutely good when I tried it for the first time. Here’s a picture I took at the time which I posted on FB and my friends were just amazed.

kfc japan chizza

Now, KFC Japan has created a new version which you might want to try. It’s called Chizza Bulgogi. Does the last word ring a bell? If it doesn’t, it literally means Korean barbeque beef. It’s a must try!

So what’s in it?

First, chicken fillet then topped with mayo, spinach, bulgogi, cheese, and hot pepper.

kfc japan chizza bulgogi review
KFC Japan’s Chizza Bulgogi (980 JP Yen)

Thank goodness it wasn’t oily! I enjoyed the tenderness of the chicken fillet. The toppings deliciously complemented each other. Of course, the bulgogi was really good! I reckon this goes well with a little rice. What caught me off guard was the size and shape.

kfc japan chizza bulgogi

I was expecting something that would look like a pizza. However, this is understandable because it’s purely chicken fillet. No additives whatsoever added to achieve that round shape like that of pizza. The size is probably enough for one person, but sharing it with another person isn’t bad. 😀

To conclude, I’ll give it a YEP for being yummy, but a NOPE for its size. 😀 What do you think?

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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