Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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  1. Visiting here from Debbie’s site. I have twp websites and have designed an original favicon for each. But for my gravitar I use a photo. Should I use my favicon? Or should I create a logo that I use everywhere? (I love yours by the way.) Have you ever had cold feet?


    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for dropping by! If you’ve decided to make an official blog logo, you might want to set at as your profile pic on Gravatar as well. It’ll be seen when you interact on WordPress. As for your photo, how about inserting it on your About page? Good day! 🙂


  2. Useful info here Sheryl, I’m keen to get a logo (after years of changing my pic) but am interested why you don’t suggest using an app? Is it because they aren’t original? Thanks for giving me something to think about.

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    1. You can use any tools to make your logo, just avoid using their own design. For instance, there’s this app that has stickers where you can add texts. It isn’t original if you use them. I actually did it. 😀 I used its sticker that looks like a bubble. I thought it was good to represent my thoughts and just added texts inside the bubble. It wasn’t my own design. So it wasn’t original. A professional told me not to do so.

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