Review: Readaeer® Yoga Mat

I have recently started doing yoga for health purposes and I’d like to share with you the first yoga mat I have now. Is it good? Read on to find out!

readaeer yoga mat review
from Amazon Japan for ¥1,690

cooltext234360271242039♦ It is a yoga mat pursuing elasticity and comfort to avoid body injury.

♦ Excellent cushioning and absorbs the impact firmly.

♦ Size: Length = 1830 × Width = 610 × Thickness = 10 mm

♦ Color: Pink

♦ Material: High-grade material NBR (Nitori rubber) made

♦ Besides yoga it is suitable for various training such as pilates and stretch.


♥ quite light to carry

♥ Its thickness does give comfort.

readaeer yoga mat review 2017 (1)

readaeer yoga mat review (1)

♥ The rubber material doesn’t smell like one. (At least for me. I can’t stand strong smell of rubbers.)

♥ Can’t complain about the size. Not too big nor too small for me.

♥ Comes with a bag (photo above) and carrying strap.

readaeer yoga mat carrying strap
Photo credit: Amazon Japan (I forgot to take a photo of it myself prior to writing this review.)

♥ Can be used not only for yoga as mentioned above.

♥ not slippery


⊗ A bit difficult to put into the bag.


Good for the price. I’ll probably get used to putting it into the bag later on. 😀 Satisfying product!



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