Review: Orbis Clear Day Care Base


Introducing a new moisturising primer that targets at the concerns of users with acne-prone and rough skin, providing a makeup solution with a natural soft-focus finish while caring for acne at the same time.

Oil free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, UV-absorber free, SPF 28 / PA+++, Allergy-tested, Non-comedogenic tested

review orbis clear day care base
Price: ¥1,296 (30g)


  1. Strengthen your skin’s resistance against acne
    In order to deliver acne-fighting benefits to the skin throughout the day, the same active ingredients from our award-winning CLEAR skincare series are also used in this makeup base. Using the groundbreaking research concept that hormonal changes in the body causes the skin to be susceptible to breakouts, Gromwell Root Extract works to improve the skin’s protective function to improve resistance against recurring breakouts. Furthermore, antibacterial properties of Licorice Extract help to prevent acne aggravation and care for rough skin.
  2. Lighten imperfections with a natural soft-focus finish
    Contains a unique perspiration- and sebum- resistant Multi-covering Powder that lightens marks for a natural finish. Its subtle pink-beige colour that helps to reduce dullness while concealing redness. When used on its own, simply wash off with regular facial wash. For better coverage, complement this primer with CLEAR Powder Foundation.
  3. Replenishes moisture for smooth plump skin
    Makeup does not tend to apply smoothly nor sit well on skin that is rough or lacks moisture, resulting in an uneven flaky texture. Formulated with moisturising Coix Seed Extract and Permeable Collagen, this makeup base maintains skin hydration for improved smoothness and plumpness. Furthermore, it encapsulates skin with a breathable net-type veil that is comfortably light and mild on the skin.


  1. Easy to blend
  2. Travel friendly
  3. Lightweight texture
orbis clear day care base review

4. Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.
5. Does lighten imperfections a bit.

orbis clear day care base review
close up look

6. Skin feels moisturized.


  1. Dries up quickly after application, so you have to immediately blend it.
  2. My large pores and fine lines are still visible.

Overall, it isn’t bad for the price. It may not give me the kind of result I’ve badly wanted, but the most important thing is it doesn’t cause irritation and acne.

orbis day care base review
without concealer and foundation

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