Easy steps: How to put a footer credit on your blog site

I was in the middle of customizing my blog site when I chanced upon a way to add a footer credit on my site. I’m talking about this one right here:

After 3 years, I finally figured it out! Seriously, Sheryl? 😀 😀

I’d always been curious about this. Why can’t I remove that footer credit by WordPress.com or even edit it? Turns out that my site isn’t a self-hosted one that I can manually put my own footer credit. Yes, I officially have my own domain but WordPress.com is still hosting my site. Also, I’m a user on the Premium plan (which you can start earning through WordAds, an ad program from WordPress.com) and I mistook it for being a self-hosted blog site. It really pays to be a curious bug sometimes, yes? 😀 Now everything’s almost clear to me. Just almost, I know I still have lots to learn.

Despite that little misunderstanding, I didn’t end my road to discovering a way to put that thing I’d always wanted to have. I never imagined it’d be a complete no-brainer. Allow me to share it with you. (⌒ω⌒)


  1. Go to My Site.
  2. Click Menus.
  3. Choose Footer Menufooter-credit-on-your-blog-site
  4. Click + Add new menu.
  5. Edit the name of the new menu (e.g. Footer) and click ADD NEW ITEMfooter-credit
  6. Edit the new item (e.g. your copyright) and click Page. Then choose Home (your site). Click OK.
  7. Click Save.

Remember, that footer credit by WordPress.com won’t be removed unless you upgrade your plan to Business or join the WordPress.org (self-hosted site).


22 thoughts on “Easy steps: How to put a footer credit on your blog site

  1. Wow..Wordpress seems like an ever-new world with whole lot of functions to unravel everyday as we learn! Thanks for this tip though!

    Liked by 1 person

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