Easy Steps: How to add a flag counter on your blog

If you want to see some excitement of sorts on your blog page, why not place a flag counter on it? This isn’t the latest trend on the blogosphere, but for some not-so-internet-savvy humans out there like me, this still sounds new to me. 😀 😀 Better late than never as my ancestors say. 😀

By chance, I recently unearthed this old hit from the grounds of the internet and I thought it was fun to know where your awesome visitors hail from. WordPress has the views counter that you alone can see. Unlike this one, it can be seen by your visitors too and can be an ornament for your blog. Not only does it show me the number of visitors, it also helps me get acquainted with the flags of different countries in the world. How many flags do you recognize? Please don’t ask me that. 😀 Thank you!

Let’s get started…

There are a bunch of sites available that can give you the flag counter for free but you’ll be asked to register and the codes are in JavaScript which don’t work with the WordPress text widget. What you need is the one with HTML code, especially when you’re on WordPress.com, not WordPress.org. I recommend this site…

Go to flagcounter.com.

Follow the numbers below:



Once you click that yellow button, the code will be shown for you to copy.

Go to your blog site and click CUSTOMIZE.

Choose WIDGETS. Decide where you want the counter to be seen.


Paste the code on the CONTENT box. Make a title of your choice for your flag counter.


Now you can learn the flags!! Kidding! 😀

Take a look at my simple design here. I’d love to see yours, please feel free to comment with your site link. Can’t wait! Have fun customizing! ٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶

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