Why is 1 day not enough in USJ?

A week has passed and the good vibes that USJ threw at me still linger in my memory. Perhaps this pleasant memory will be cherished and never be buried in time. To some, visiting Universal Studios Japan is just another fun trip but for me, it’s more than that. Whenever I find myself standing right on the grounds of a place where I only once knew and perceived with my eyes through photos and ads, I tend to be dramatic. Maybe because I don’t foresee my dreams to come true. I just believe that something good will happen to me.

Here’s another dream come true moment of mine. My joy is beyond words and I can’t thank God enough. This humbles me. What’s more pleasant is that I was there with the love of my life.

This excites me to share what we did and saw in the place where you can’t avoid to fantasize yourself being in a film or music video. I don’t know about you but there’s something in this kind of location that always brings out the kid in me. That kid who used to just watch cartoons at home, play hide-and-seek, make her own paper dolls, and take naps in the afternoon. All of a sudden, she gets to go to a place dreamed by many. Can you imagine the pure happiness in her innocent heart?

Let’s begin the quick tour..

Before getting to the USJ entrance, you’ll walk through Universal City.


Lots of stores that market different kinds of stuff. There are restaurants too. We had our breakfast at my favorite Mos Burger.


Welcome to USJ!!!

Danny and I were surprised by the masses of people even if it was on a weekday. And it fell on the 15th anniversary of the amusement park.


This gigantic jaw-dropping figure really amazed me. Anyone knows the manga/film? 😄 We reveled in its Theater Show in 4D. If you’re a fan, you’ll surely enjoy it.

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – The Ride 4K3D

This was an amusing immersive experience!

Universal Monsters Live Rock and Roll Show

For a music lover like me, this was one of my favorites.

Gramercy Park

Tired of walking? Here’s a perfect place to halt.

Hollywood Street

The street of tax free shops.


I won’t deny I got thrilled by the ride.

Trolley Treats

Turkey Leg — ¥880                                     Minions Dessert Drink Hot Chocolate — ¥550

Dug in our tasty lunch.

Hollywood Dream – The Ride

Because I’m not a fan of extreme rides, I asked Danny to give this a pass. Lucky me, he gave his sulky yes. 😀 😀


The village of the wizards. Here’s the part where I reminisced my Harry Potter craze. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.


Shop for wands.

Hogwarts Castle

Saw this once in the book, now right in front of me!!!! And I set my feet right there!! 😊


Here’s a closer look..

We queued for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3D and it was all worth it. This was probably the longest line at that time and I figured out why.

Three Broomsticks

A tavern where we feasted on our early dinner. I liked how the place was magically designed.



Known to be popular in the wizarding world. It’s beer but it’s actually non-alcoholic. It’s rather sweet and can be enjoyed by children as well. Not my type of sweetness, though.


Where cuteness surrounds you. This is recommended for families with kids.

Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue

Everything’s just charming!

Moppy’s Balloon Trip

One can enjoy the astonishing view as you waft over the cute Wonderland.

Amity Village

This was surreal! Danny and I concluded our USJ expedition here. The colorful bright lights, lovely song playing in the background, gentle breeze, and the arms of my other half around me made my night worth remembering like that of a romantic film that just plays in my mind over and over again.

Even though we couldn’t do and see everything USJ has to offer in one day, we already had beautiful memories to take with us back home. Why is 1 day not enough in USJ? It’s a rhetorical question. 😀

If you’ve been to USJ, what is/ was your favorite thing about it? 🙂

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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