How to Prevent Airsickness

When you’re on a flight to your dream place and you feel these things: nausea, vomiting, vertigo, loss of appetite, cold sweating, skin pallor, difficulty concentrating, confusion, drowsiness, headache, and increased fatigue. Doesn’t it suck?

Traveling has been my passion and it just ain’t right if I get airsick every time. I have struggled to ward off this terrible episode of my wanderings. I unhappily recall my trip to Japan from the Philippines that my body just couldn’t take it any longer. Poof! Then there was the puking. My body was like that of rotten vegetables. I was dead sick! That was the worst of all!

That was the time I reflected. I asked Mr. Google about the reason why airsickness troubles me a lot. Found out that it’s a particular form of motion sickness and is weighed a normal reaction in healthy individuals. So I belong to the sect of healthy individuals, isn’t it ironic? While one site suggested a few things to do to minimize the symptoms, for some obvious reason I couldn’t do any of them. One example is choosing seats. This may be good but I choose to be practical. I don’t want to pay more on seats.

After some trial and error, I’ve come up with dos and don’ts to somehow curtail the symptoms.


  1. Get enough sleep before the flight.
    Our travels always make me aflame which leads to my lack of sleep. I would spend the night imagining what the place would be like and how we should enjoy it. On our trip to Bali, I couldn’t sleep well due to too much excitement. So during the flight I ended up sick.

2. Chew a gum.
You don’t need to chew the whole flight. I usually do this as the plane takes off and lands. The first time I did this was when I took my solo domestic trip 3 years ago. It was a mint gum. I started feeling to puke and my stomach was strange. I thought I needed something to divert the odd feeling. Luckily, I unintentionally had kept mint gums in my shoulder bag.

3. Rest your head on your seat with your eyes closed.
This specially works for me during take off and landing.

4. Nap throughout the flight.
Sounds boring but I’d rather have it that way than be awfully sick.


1. Eating a lot right before the flight or on the flight.
For a foodie like me, this is the only time I must not think about how delicious something is. On our flight back to Japan from Korea, this airline served tasty looking dishes. I ate my part! Of course it was good but after a few minutes. Oh boy was I terribly sick. Since then, the husband and I never included meals on the plane.

2. Fatty and oily dishes.
You see your favorite ramen, burger, fried chicken and you can’t afford not to eat them before the flight. Expect the awful effect. Might as well save that craving until you get to your destination.

3. Moving a lot.
One good example is frequently heading to the lavatory. I was once like this but not anymore. So I don’t drink a lot of liquid to avoid answering the call of nature during the flight. Or do it while at the airport.

4. Reading / Watching
One time I was watching Zootopia and it didn’t take long ’til my head started to feel strange. I stopped watching. Leaned my head on the left side of the seat and closed my eyes for the rest of the flight.

5. Facing / Leaning your head up front
I don’t know but when I do this, makes me feel weak. I spend the whole flight taking a nap with my head bent to the left or right. Sometimes, I rest on my husband’s loving arms.

Happy flying!

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21 thoughts on “How to Prevent Airsickness

  1. I have flown twice. I was a nervous wreck the whole time. I don’t think I could travel internationally, because I doubt very much I will fly. You are much braver than I.


  2. Most flights are relatively calm, but then the motion might still get to some.
    Good thoughts on the Dos and the Don’ts. We think sleeping well before the flight is best, cos a well rested body is the best defense against any ailment.


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