Review: Orbis Clear Series

As promised, I’ll be sharing my honest opinion on my newly found skincare regimen. First off, let me tell you a little about the company. Personally, before I start using any product the very first thing I do is to be acquainted with the brand/ company. I care about their concept.

ORBIS Inc. is an outstanding company in mail-order cosmetics which was established back in 1984. It also offers health food and women’s lingerie. Besides, it is renowned for its 100% oil-free skin care which has made its customer’s numbers surge since its launch. The company counts on that eliminating oil is essential as to releasing the vital beauty of our skin. I didn’t know that there are oils which are not good for the skin.

After 25 years of skin science research, Orbis discovered a way to the ultimate acne care solution and eventually received an award during the 28th International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists.


Orbis Clear Series is composed of these three products.. (details according to the company’s claims)

orbis clear
Photo Credit: ORBIS Singapore

How do they work?

orbis clear
Photo Credit: ORBIS Singapore
  1. Clear Wash

Dense foam removes pore clogging impurities to correct and clean the entrance for active ingredients to permeate the skin.

My experience

My face feels fresh and clean every after wash instead of feeling tight and itchy. It doesn’t irritate my skin. Doesn’t dry my skin and I don’t see any whitish spots. I tried having whitish lines/ spots after washing using my previous product 2 months ago. I thought it was natural.

2. Clear Lotion (M/L)

A highly permeating toning lotion that uses a Deep Delivery Formula to ensure active ingredients are absorbed deep within the pores to treat the root causes of acne. (M is for combination to dry skin, L is for normal to oily skin)

My experience

I’m using the M one since my skin became a little dry while on the pill. I used to have very oily skin, though. This one’s gentle on my skin. I can feel something when applying it but it disappears after a few seconds. My skin doesn’t feel tight after that.

3. Clear Moisture (M/L)

Improves the skin’s barrier functions while protecting it from external irritants with the AC Care Net System, that eliminates rough acne-prone concerns for soft and moisturized skin. (M is for combination to dry skin, L is for normal to oily skin)

My experience

I have the M one. I like it when it leaves my skin moisturized enough without feeling something heavy on my skin or greasy. Like when I touch my face, I don’t feel the oil. I experienced that with the product I used 2 months ago. Also, it’s quickly absorbed by my skin. I don’t have to wait long to apply primer when I makeup myself.

I wish I found this skincare long before. So, I have decided to stick to these products now. I’ve only been using these for 2 months but I couldn’t be more satisfied with how they work on my face. Obviously, I can’t tell any dislikes for the time being except for the price. They’re quite expensive for me, but reasonable.

My face has traveled a rough road. Been bullied but I didn’t mind. I can’t deny that I once lost confidence, but I stood up from the darkness of shame and never gave up looking for the light. To those who share the same boat, just keep sailing! Keep smiling and never give up! You are beautiful no matter what. Remember, beauty is from within. 

Here’s me almost 4 years ago now.


3 years later after using a bunch of products:

No filter. The photo on the left appears to be brighter because of the lighting.

And when I put on foundation:


I wasn’t so comfortable and confident taking selfies because of my acne. I’m glad I overcame the period of low self-esteem.

And here’s me after using Orbis for 2 months with foundation on:

sheryl gim

Before, even when I put on a little makeup, the acne marks were still visible. Though my skin isn’t perfect I’m glad to say that I don’t get pimples now. I just hope Orbis will still work well on me now that 2 months have passed. Will surely update you guys!

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13 thoughts on “Review: Orbis Clear Series

  1. Hello there lam chrissie and my husband is micha just to ask a question do these skin care products help and support oily combination sensitive skin tipes l had this problem for years but after having children it’s much better due too slot of looking after and treatments using creams gels cleaners serums oils and treatments for the hair as well so my skin is much improved with my age but my msn has and overactive sebasious gland in his age now which cause a lot of sweating and he gets blocked pores and acne whiteheads turning into blackheads don’t really know excactly why as he needs probably to go too s skin specialist dermatogist to find out exactly what causes this big problem and issue thankyou for reading this artical and bye for now cheers. what l have said here is just a guess but l had slot of trouble with my skin for years early in mylife so l had to go and do the same thing slong time ago so l trying to get him to go and get s referral from our doctor first regards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, these products are recommended to oily combination sensitive skin.


  2. Hi Sheryl, do you still use the Orbis Clear line? Is it too drying over winter months in your experience?


    1. Good morning, dear. After I emptied my first purchase of the line, I thought I didn’t have to continue using the products because my skin has started to improve. I haven’t had any severe acne attack since then. 😀 It wasn’t drying at that time.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah I see, so you don’t have to keep using the same line. I might stock up 1 or 2 trial packs for summer in case the acne decides to attack again 🙂 Thanks for confirming.


        1. Glad to be of help! That’s a good idea. I’m now looking into products that can get rid of dark spots and improve my skin’s texture.


          1. Good luck and please share with us if you find the holy grail products for that 🙂


          2. Thanks! I’d be happy to do so.^_^

            Liked by 1 person

  3. Your skin improved a lot and so so beautiful now. May I know what is the foundation you using? And you only use the 3 steps Orbis clear range day and night?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! Thanks! It isn’t flawless yet, but it has improved since then. My current liquid foundation is Ettusais Premium Amino Essence Foundation. And yes, I only used these products. But not anymore.


  4. It appears Orbis has done wonders for your skin. Your skin looks beautiful in the last 2 photos. You have a great attitude.


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