Newly found skincare regimen! (for acne-prone skin)

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know all too well that I battled severe acne due to polycystic ovary syndrome. If you happen to be here for the first time, you may go back to that horrible time of my life here.

After that terrible battle for roughly 3 years, my seemingly next issue is getting rid of the acne marks / black spots. Not really a big problem, but I’d be happier to have a clear skin in the long run. Since I’m on the pill and I’ve been for about 2 years now, there were few times that I still experienced having pimples. Perhaps due to hormonal reactions to the pill, could be stress, and the like. Thankfully, they were not as severe as before.

From the first month of my moving to Japan until 2 months ago (about 10 months in total), pimples were appearing on my skin. Not a lot. Like every month, I’d get 1 or pimples. Despite that, my skin has never been so oily since I started taking the pill. It’s really working for me. Just the monthly pimples. I was looking for Japanese products to help me with that. I found one but, didn’t work well on me. The search went on and on until one of my Japanese students (in my part-time English lessons), female, introduced a brand to me that she has used for years. She had acne problem few years back and now I can’t tell if she had it or not. I don’t see any scars or black spots. She said it worked well on her and recommended it to me. The brand is Orbis.

Here’s my newly found skincare regimen!

So I tried the trial set which has 3 items included, got it from Amazon Japan. Since then, I’m happy to say that my little enemies have been out in the picture. 😀

I’ll be back to give a review on each product. Stay tuned! 🙂


Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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  1. Ako rin problem ko ang acne. High school pa lang ako noon problema ko na yan huhu. Pati during ngayong college ako problema ko parin. Ang dami kong ginamit pero hindi hiyang ng skin ko hanggang sa triny ko magpaderma. Nawala siya pero meron parin yung mga spots. Baka makahanap ako n’yan dito sa PH.


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