Where to eat sushi in Japan?

“Safe, tasty and inexpensive.”

– The essential concept of Kura Corporation.

This is the reliable company behind my favored revolving sushi restaurant named as, KURAZUSHI (くら寿司). It’s said that sushi best represents the Japanese culture, so not trying this great delight means missing the point of your coming to Japan. While it’s undeniably true that some restaurants here could cost you an arm and a leg, here’s this well known and visited haven that takes pride in its “100 yen a plate” concept. I just did a little delving and now it’s clear to me why there’s always a long queue.

Kurazushi in Nishi-Kawaguchi

As of October last year, the number of restaurants recorded was 365. No wonder why in every big city I go, Kurazushi is present.


All sushi plates are well placed in these containers and I greatly admire one of the company’s principles, freshness.

These are just a few of my sweethearts.^^

A 100 yen plate contains 2 pieces of sushi that are more or less the size of your thumb. You’re checking your thumb out now, aren’t you? 😀

Side Note: With tax included, it’s actually 108 yen. You’ve been told. 😀

To be honest I consider it not cheap but, I just can’t resist the delicious treat I get in every chew. Still this is way cheaper than the other sushi restaurants. Not to mention that those diners use chemical seasonings, artificial coloring, and the like. Unlike them, Kurazushi has been constant to non-use of all things artificial and chemical.

Sushi is not only served here but there are also other dishes and a few kinds of desserts and drinks. You should try their rice cola that’s said to be first sold in the world last July 2016. Tell you guys, it was unique and tasty. It has proved one of their identities, uniqueness.

I also recommend this..

Shoyu (a type of Japanese soy sauce) Ramen with seven seafood broth

My husband and I like this! It’s not a 100 yen but it’s worth the price.

Another thing I like is the touch panel order system.

Whoopsie! Excuse my bad angle. Haha

If you can’t wait for the kind of sushi that you want to appear on the conveyor belt, you can just order it using this device. Good news! English is available. It also keeps track on the number of plates and orders.

Here’s a fun twist..

A game of luck!

See those lined up boxes? Check the arrow. They have small and cute stuff that you can get when luck is in you. In every 5 plate you take, a machine-controlled game appears and if it’s your lucky day; you can get one of those dainty little prizes. Danny and I have received 4 since we started eating there together. According to him, he couldn’t get any in most of his time eating here. Hmm..someone’s luckier than him. Guess who! Haha! This one’s my favorite..

A cute sushi accessory.^^

I never thought I could fall in love with sushi. Back in Cebu, our kind of raw fish dish is so seasoned that I can’t almost remember it’s uncooked. I miss it, though.

Anyway, I’m glad that this kind of sushi bar exists. I wouldn’t enjoy sushi at all if I wasn’t introduced to this place. Let me leave this short video to you.





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