Dream No More: Tokyo Disneyland

For a girl who once dreamed of being around Disney dainty characters in real life, Disneyland is a new world! I can still recall how a flutter of excitement streamed through my veins when I first entered the happiest place on earth, Disneyland. 🎉 It was last year in Hong Kong. A day was only spent there, but the memory will last a lifetime that’s for sure. It was a dream come true.

Last month, who’d have thought that I’d get the chance to visit this world of magic and fun again real soon? This time…. Tokyo Disneyland!! 🎉😊 I couldn’t be more blissful! Forever, I’ll be grateful to my Creator who has been soooo good to me for making my dreams turn to reality.💞

It’s with relish to virtually take you to a tour on my very first visit to Tokyo Disneyland. Buckle up!! Here we go!! (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━✿✿✿✿✿✿

It was the Halloween Festival 2016.

Some came with interesting costumes on.

Star Tours

Felt like I was in the Star Wars movie. 😊

Pan Galactic Pizza Port

A good and affordable meal here.

Sky Rockets

Not an extreme ride but enjoyable.

Minnie’s House

Paid Minnie a visit, but the timing wasn’t perfect. She went out on a date. 😄

The Halloween Parade

The happy couple with the squad parading on a clear chilly afternoon to the gleeful music.

The Haunted Mansion

The queue was for more than an hour and it was fun!

The Electrical Parade

The amusing parade! Probably my favorite part of all time.

Halloween Fireworks Display 2016

It was special because they surprised us with not just a single display but more than that. Can’t remember how many times, but it was more than 3 times. Especially, it was my first time to see “Mickey fireworks.” 👏

Mickey Bun!

That wonderful day was concluded with a delightful dinner. Mickey Bun paired with chicken teriyaki. You shouldn’t miss them out!

Hope you guys enjoyed the tour in my own little way. (*^ω^)

*Japanese emojis credit to kaomoji*

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