Review: Rohto DeoBall Deodorant

I was a Nivea user but when I chanced upon this cute ball, I suddenly forgot about Nivea. 😀

Japan is quite proverbial for its kawaii stuff. This deodorant isn’t an exemption. Been using this for about 2 months. I don’t use this everyday, though. I only dab this little cutie when I go out to work, meet people, and when I have to stay outdoor for long hours.

Rohto Deoball Bloom Rose  [15g, 680 yen *drugstore price*]

Things to know (according to the brand’s claims)

💠 “Deoball”is a cute antiperspirant of ball type that takes care of sweat and odor.

💠 Firmly blocks odious odor and sweat.

💠 24h protection

💠 Has antimicrobial component.

💠 Available in 4 scents.

Bloom Rose (picture above)

Sweet Musk (photo grabbed from
Citrus Sorbet (photo grabbed from
Floral Soap (photo grabbed from



👌 It’s dainty!

👌 So small that I can probably bring this anywhere.

👌 Doesn’t leave yellowish stain.

👌 Its fragrance isn’t irritating.

👌 I’ve tried sweating excessively due to walking a lot but I could still smell its scent. I was still confident.

👌 It’s smooth on the skin.

👌 Don’t need a huge amount to get it to work.


None so far.^^


I’ve led a frugal lifestyle but this product has been effective since day one. Thus, I wouldn’t mind buying it again. I don’t splash out on deodorants however, I’m happy with this product. Perhaps, I’ve found a new favorite.

Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Wondering wanderer | Chocolate addict

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  1. Wow! I wish this is available in the Philippines or at least I hope we saw one when we scoured the cosmetic stores in Shibuya. 😦 Thanks for sharing! This looks a lot like that eos lipbalm btw!


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