Myeongdong: Korea’s Cosmetics Hub

Have you ever been to a place where your eyes were amazed by a splendid array of cosmetics shops? Like literally you can see them on your left, on your right and elsewhere. If you are a makeup geek or someone who just wants to use makeup to look good on some days (I’m talking about myself on that note. lol) and you happen to be in Korea, I’d definitely suggest you head to Myeongdong. This place will clearly tickle your fancy. I don’t know if the locals or the other tourists agree with me, but I guess the place is Korea’s cosmetics hub. Hence, the title.

My husband told me over and over that I would love the place and yeah, he was right on the nose. I’ve used quite a few Korean makeup products and I’ve grown fond of them. Not to mention the skincare goods. It was good to see the shops of the products I’ve used before in flesh. Holika Holika, Innisfree, and TheFaceShop to name a few. Are they pricey? Not so much compared to Japan and the imported ones in your country, I guess. Big sales are everywhere! In one shop where I bought eye makeup products, they were offering buy 1 take 1 in all their products. I might pen a review on them later. Watch out for a series of reviews. 😀

Don’t be surprised if you walk along or bump into a lot of foreigners in town for it’s actually a well-known area. Tourists won’t miss out on checking in there. I saw everybody (I’m exaggerating here. lol) with big shopping bags in both hands and their satiated faces.

Guess where my eyes are focusing on! 😀

Apart from the rampant existence of the said shops, restaurants with affordable and tasty dishes are visible in almost every corner. So the husband and I didn’t leave without having a good meal.


닭갈비 볶음밥 (dakgalbi bokkeumbap)

Pardon me, I forgot the name of the restaurant which was so busy serving a lot of customers. But believe me you can easily find a pleasant Korean eatery around the area. This Korean dish is a must try! If you are not much of a spicy eater, forget it. 😀 However, if you have the guts just to experience the local food, then go for it. Cold water is served anyway. 😀 I loved it. The taste and the aroma made me full. The interesting part was when one of the waiters did the cooking right in front of us. Watch it here.

What did you buy in Myeongdong?^^


Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Wondering wanderer | Chocolate addict

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