The light breeze in Gangwondo

South Korea is not just all about skin care, cosmetics, K-pop, Kdramas, and pali pali (빨리빨리!) culture. The latter means to be quick. As you may know, Koreans love (if I may use it) to get things done quickly. Hence pali pali (Hurry! Hurry!) will echo in your ears most of the time once you’re there. The good Korea also has something that would make you somehow escape from the rush scene of the city. Moreover, if you are in the mood for fresh seafood and sea viewing, head to Gangwondo. 

From Hanwha Resorts my in-laws and I went on a less an hour drive to Gangwondo for dinner. My husband mentioned about going to a seafood restaurant there. Made me feel so excited because it’s not all the time that Danny and I are able to eat such food in Japan. As soon as I got off the van, the smell of freshly cooked dishes welcomed my hankering stomach. The restaurant is nicely seated beside the sea. I was wrong to think that Gangwondo is only blessed with magnificent mountains.

Do you see those lovely colors of nature?

As for the menu, I could eat everything provided that I don’t easily feel full.

Gosh! The overwhelming side dishes. How can you not get full in next to no time?

Behold, the main dish…

One dip into the sauce and you’ll taste heaven!

This is the equivalent of sashimi in Japan. It’s called 회 (hoe) in Korea. Yes, it’s completely raw. Unlike the raw fish dish in the Philippines which is seasoned and soaked in coconut oil and vinegar, 회 is finely sliced and unprocessed. You eat it as it is. 초고추장 (chogochujang) perfectly complements it.


Chogochujang is a variant of 고추장 (gochujang). It’s made from gochujang with added vinegar and other seasonings, such as sugar and sesame seeds.

Or you can munch on it wrapped if you aren’t that much of a raw eater.

Lettuce, a side dish, garlic, sauce, and anything that pleases you can make a heavenly wrap!

After the splendid dinner, we opted for a walk around the vicinity. I wasn’t surprised to see a bunch of fresh seafood stores anymore after that superb meal.


Soon we arrived nearby the sea and something magnificent caught my eyes.


There we spent a few minutes. The family talked and there I was silently stunned by this beauty. Along with the fascination was my train of thoughts. To mention one, I recollected how I used to dream about going to Korea while watching my favorite Kdramas and films. I felt so blessed to finally get there. The flight to Jeju Island that I unfortunately missed a year back has made sense now. Perhaps it was God’s way of telling me to wait for this day. He wanted me to meet Danny’s family first before anything else.

The light breeze touching my bare skin was like a whisper telling me, “Hey! This is not a dream anymore. Thank you for waiting and believing.”

We all have dreams in life. You don’t need to beat yourself up to make those dreams come true. I’d say follow your dreams but be cool. Relax. Enjoy the moment. You may encounter humps along the road but never lose hope. Keep believing and in the fullness of time, everything will fall into place. That same light breeze in Gangwondo that touched me will also whisper to you anywhere you are in your dream come true moment. 😉


Author: The Pinay Ajumma

1990 | Socially awkward | Chocolate addict

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  1. Love it Sheryl! I learned about Sotuh Korean through my daughter’s love of KDrama…and I got hooked on it. Learned and got facinated about the banchans…the food! Hope I could visit this place one day. Thanks for sharing!


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