One reason that Taiwan didn’t fail to impress me..

Have you ever been to a place where you spent a night and yet, it fascinated you with just one thing? It may sound a little absurd but I never thought it could happen to me.

The husband and I were returning to Japan after a wonderful time in Bali. It wasn’t a direct flight but a 12-hour layover awaited us in Taiwan. The longest stopover so far! How about yours? Of course I was not that merry about it, however, I chose to see the bright side. Entering another country just for a layover, how cool is that? 😊

Thinking about going to Taiwan and spending a night there somehow energized me. Questions like “Is Taiwan beautiful?”, “Is it safe?”, “Does it have heaps of buildings and the like?”, “Oh and the food?” trained through my brain.

My bad I can’t recall how exactly long we traveled from Bali to Taiwan. All I remember was we departed as dusk fell and arrived in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport about 9 in the evening. I saw the time somewhere in the airport. We hurried down to the cab station to get to Songshan Airport, about 50km from the first airport. As we drove, a bunch of high-reaching buildings, well-constructed bridges, and the amazing city lights aroused my drowsy eyes. The cab driver was warm. He even asked us about the time of our flight. I figured it out why he did it as soon as we got there.

Bad news! We couldn’t stay there until the next flight to Japan since the airport has to be closed when there are no more arrival/ departure flights for the rest of the night. It opens at 6am. Good news! The taxi driver was so kind that he looked for a good place for us to spend the night. He chose a hotel which was a few minutes away from the airport. Even considered our budget. Most nearby hotels there are going to cost you an arm and a leg as what I’ve heard from him. This wasn’t part of our travel budget for Bali. The taxi fare was NTD 1,230 (JPY 4, 083). What surprised me the most was he never asked for more after rendering us a great service. God bless him!

If you want to stay in a cozy, winning, and clean hotel, I’d recommend CityInn Hotel Taipei. It’s a 15-minute walk to the airport, I guess. It cost us NTD 2,580 that night.

We woke up early the next day for the flight. We decided to get to the airport on foot as Danny could still recognize the way as instructed by the kind cab driver. As we traveled on foot, I took the chance to take a few snaps.

taipei taiwan

This might be uncool but it seemed to me that Japan and Taiwan are alike, infrastructure wise.

taipei 101

See that skyscraper? That’s Taipei 101! You can spot it at the airport. Amazing, isn’t it?

And now…the one thing that Taiwan (Taipei in particular) impressed me the most..

No other than the Songshan Airport!!! Excuse my silly thinking but I am serious. LOL

Songshan Airport

Look at these huge sofas! Any more comfortable seats than these? I haven’t been to any airports with cozy lounges as in this airport. There are also available flatscreen computers for public use. The tidiness also got me. Besides, if you want to know some history. This is where you want to be.

national museum of history in songshan airport

Yes, I was dazzled by these features of Songshan Airport. That leads to this: Danny and I will be visiting Taiwan for a real trip if God permits. 😃☝ I would love to explore Taiwan more. Who knows I might find more things to be impressed with.

By all means, we didn’t miss having a taste of Taiwanese cuisine.

homee kitchen songshan airport

Heaven!! You can get all these yummy treats from Homee Kitchen (Taipei Songshan Airport).


Author: Sheryl Gim

1990 | Filipino living in Japan | Believer in love | Bitten by the travel bug | Chocolate addict

21 thoughts

  1. I miss Taiwan so much! I’ve lived there for 3 years in my 20’s. Someday once it’s safe my goal is to visit it. Taiwan looks up to Japan more than mainland China which is supposed to their (parent) long story, don’t like to tackle politics haha!


  2. Since my daughter + her husband lived + taught English in Taiwan I found this to be a fascinating post! Did you get a chance to go up Taipei 101? The view from the top is amazing…


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