Bali Trip Chronicles: Hubby’s Bday

Day 5

July 11, 2016 (Monday)


This was my first time celebrating Danny’s birthday together. The previous one was when we were still in this crazy LDR. 😀 How wonderful it is to greet the one you love a happy birthday right in front of you who was once miles away from your touch. Now that we’re together, I can do anything I want to with him. Nothing is even more special than that. Video calling is not the most essential thing in our relationship now. Unlike before, it was really hard. I always wanted to touch his face, hug and kiss him a lot but I couldn’t. There was this darn barrier. Distance.  Shout-out to LDR couples! I bet you understand how I feel. 🙂

We decided to do some hiking. Since Legian Beach was not that far from our hotel, it had to be our first stop. The goal was to feel and see the culture as we take every step all the way to the destination. Along the wandering, indeed we saw the rich culture of Indonesia depicted in their shrines.

bali shrine

bali shrine

We passed by the famous Legian Streets. Popular for the wide variety of stores and restaurants. No surprise we eyed a lot of foreigners there.

legian streets in bali

Don’t be bothered by a few locals who will approach you for some business. Just smile and say “No, thank you.”

legian beach

I could hear the sound of the waves and smell the fresh breeze of the beach from here already.

legian beach in bali

Much to my surprise, the beach was filled with a lot of people enjoying the goodness of nature. It was far different from Kuta Beach which was a little quiet. Majority of them were foreigners. I’m the type of person who enjoys a not so crowded place. How about you? Legian beach doesn’t have this white powder like sand, yet it gives joy to the beachgoers. Take a look. We didn’t stay long ’cause we still had to go somewhere historical.

ground zero monument in kuta

This is the Ground Zero Monument a.k.a the Bali Bombing Memorial. It’s said that this masterpiece was erected in honor of the 2002 Bali bombing victims. Terrible as it may be but commemorating the tragedy gives people hope for new beginnings. Looking at this reminds me that humanity is still alive. And I truly hope tragedies like this one will come to an end. When? I have no idea but I believe there will be an end.

Our little adventure taught me lessons to live by. Apart from giving me lessons, it also made my stomach empty. 😀

So to fill our hankering tummy, we stopped by a hotel restaurant. We were craving for something very local.

balinese dishes

I had A while Danny had B.

A. Nasi Campur Petandakan = Rice dish with beef rendang, chicken curry, pork urutan, prawn, egg, satay, noodles, red bean soup, sambal (chilly sauce) and crackers.

Unfortunately, they ran out of noodles so they doubled my beef rendang instead. Gosh! Everything was oh so yummy! I could taste something new to my tongue but I kind of enjoyed it. I didn’t know Balinese people like spicy dishes. There was something about their sauce that made me want to eat everything, like all of them. However, I became really full soon. What a shame I couldn’t get to finish them up.

B. Iga Babi Bakar = Indonesian grilled pork spareribs served with red bean soup, hot steamed rice, and two kinds of sambals.

Danny did enjoy everything. He was able to chow everything down. He said it was really good.

Went back to the hotel and we were exhausted, we didn’t miss out on the Balinese massage. Thankfully the spa was just located on the 3rd floor of our hotel. No need to go out anymore.

balinese massage

We tried the Essential Balinese Massage which they say a traditional Balinese massage to relax the body tension. Had it for an hour. And yes, I was relaxed after that.

To conclude our last night in Bali and the hubby’s birthday, we decided to avail an in-room dinner.

the vira bali hotel in room service

Oh boy! The choco mousse was so far the best! No kidding!


And that was our 5-day getaway. You see, going somewhere doesn’t have to be luxurious. You don’t need to do things that everybody does there. Make your trip special in your own way. What’s more special is that you are with the one you love the most. ❤

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