Bali Trip Chronicles: Which hotel?

Day 2

July 8, 2016 (Friday)


Wohoo! I survived the 6-hour flight with some turbulence on the side! I wasn’t that sick anymore compared to my flight from the Philippines- South Korea (layover)- Japan 5 months ago. That time I felt a little traumatized to go on flights but my travel bug is still with me, though.

It was around 5 in the afternoon when the plane touched down Denpasar International Airport, also known as Ngurah Rai International Airport which is the main airport in Bali. The long queue of tourists at the immigration didn’t give me any surprise. That was expected. There were group of families, solo travelers, backpackers, couples, and the like. I know we were gathered there for one reason.. 😉

Welcome to Bali!!

I was amazed by the architecture of the airport. It denotes the culture of Indonesia, I guess.

Denpasar International AirportThis has been the most unique airport I’ve seen thus far. Even the husband said so. I was a bit drained  after the flight but it didn’t keep me from getting excited as to what Bali would offer to us the entire stay. It wasn’t long when we went to meet the bellboy to pick us up and drive us to the hotel. He was warm and didn’t make us feel uncomfortable in any way. Just like the weather. I thought it would be hot and humid, but it was better than the summer in Japan. No offense. We got to the hotel not more than 30 minutes as far as I can remember. During the ride, I faced the window and saw the locals and the houses with designs that were new to my eyes.

Danny and I opted for a place which was near the airport. So we booked a hotel located in Kuta which was The Vira Bali Hotel. You might want to check that out. Since the husband is a gold member of Expedia, we were fortunate to be granted a room upgrade.

The Vira Bali Hotel Deluxe room
Deluxe Room, with a private balcony + sofa bed + buffet breakfast

Couldn’t wait for breakfast the next day! 😀 After exploring the room and taking a shower, we decided to go out for dinner and good thing was a mall is located right in front of the hotel.

Lippomall Kuta Indonesia
A newly built mall


By chance, there was an event going on and so we spent a couple of minutes to lend an ear to this group of young Indonesians who played something like a folk song using the kind of instrument which is unknown to me. I didn’t understand any word but I felt the music and it made me realize that I was indeed in a different place. You can watch it here. Please tell me if you feel the same way.

Roamed around the mall and saw some international brand outlets and food corners, both local and Western-like. For dinner, we preferred the food corner that seemed busy and didn’t mind waiting for a few minutes. It was a Balinese diner which has its own style of barbeque and steak.

Balinese foodI enjoyed mine on the right and I asked Danny how his food was and he said it was good. We both noticed the distinctive aftertaste of the dishes and also the hot sauce. The one that appears lighter in color. I told him we should buy that kind of sauce and yes we found one and bought 2 small packs. If not for the flight regulations, I would have bought the big ones. I tell you this is the kind of hot sauce I would love to have in every meal.

Our first night in Bali was wonderful. Just a little frustrating how time flew fast and we ought to go to bed to gain some energy for tomorrow. 🙂

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