How I got a South Korea Visa in Japan

UPDATED LAST: December 29, 2017

22 days to go and I’ll be flying to my ultimate dream place! I couldn’t be more wired up. The reason for going there is quite special for me. I’ll definitely let you know soon. Stay tuned! 😄

Sharing with you my experience of getting a South Korea visa would be an utmost fulfillment of the day.

I would like to clarify things out first. These are my facts and may also be true to you:

🔶 My husband is Korean. I am Filipino.

🔶 We are both expats in Japan.

🔶 He holds a Permanent Residence Card.

🔶 I currently am not a permanent resident here. To be specific, the status is dependent.

🔶 A housewife for the time being.

🔶 Have never been to Korea but to other (3) Asian countries.


I did the application last month and I must say it was completely opposite to my expectation. In point of fact, it did give me a big surprise. Getting a Korea tourist visa in the Philippines is a bit complex particularly if the applicant doesn’t shoulder all travel expenses. A load of documents must be given and the issuance of a visa is not that much of a sure bull’s-eye. Knowing this beforehand and planning for the application caused me to be a little worried. I can be a worrywart at times. 😌

The first time we went to the Embassy of South Korea in Tokyo was when Danny had to ask for a document from them and at the time, we decided to inquire about the procedure of visa application. I tried hard to understand the Korean front desk officer’s explanation in Korean so I could be informed first hand but I gave up. Too many difficult words. 😂

I was asked to submit these:

🔷 Valid signed passport

🔷 Japan Residence Card (photocopy and original)

🔷 Completed Application Form

south korea visa application form
5 pages, written both in Korean and English, from the embassy

🔷 Passport size colored photo (should be pasted on the Application Form)


The procedure was quick and easy. The next thing I knew was to come back after 2 days for the result. 2 days! My husband was even surprised for he was expecting it to be given after 3-5 days. I honestly wasn’t that hopeful for a positive outcome but I prayed to God that whatever the result was, He’d be with me through it all. I had proven once again that God is undeniably good! He has always been and that I’ll be forever grateful. 💞

I was granted a C-3-9 single entry visa without any complication and the cherry on the cake was I didn’t get to spend a single coin for it. Yes, it was for free! 😄 I can recall the officer even suggested me to just apply for a multiple entry ’cause the procedure is pretty simple. I just couldn’t ask for more. A single entry is all enough for me. 😍


I mistook the South Korean Consulate for the embassy. Applications are accepted at the office of the consulate just a few minutes away from the embassy. Kindly refer to Google Maps for the address.


Visa Application/ Issuance is on the 3rd floor.

Application: Morning only (9 – 11)

Issuance: Afternoon only (2 – 4)

Author: The Pinay Ajumma

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  1. Hello! how do we go about applying for a multiple entry visa? I’ve been to Korea once, just last summer and I’m thinking of going back again by the end of November and late January.


  2. hi po. me and my friends wanted to travel to korea this coming december. With regards to bank acc. and cert. is it really necessary? because we only have cash card and we dont have savings acc.


    1. Hello po. I’m not quite sure sa case nyo po. But is there any way to show them that you have the money to cover all your travel expenses? That’s actually the purpose of the bank certificate.


  3. Dre! I wanted to inquire how do I acquire a tourist visa via my Korean fiancee sponsorship? Currently I’m unemployed because I’m 7 months pregnant with our first baby and he wants me to stay with him till I give birth and planning to get married after. What are the requirements for me and him aside from my passport, his passport and sponsorship letter? Closed na din yung bank account ko kc na maximize namin yung pera when his about to return to Korea. What are my options? My possibility bang ma-grant ako ng visa?

    Hoping for your soonest reply

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello. Thanks for the very informative blog.
    I’m also working here in Japan and got a working visa. So, I’m planning to travel in Korea this year (without sponsorship) and I’d like to know if I’ll be asked for a bank account or certificate? THANK YOU.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello there! I’m planning to visit Korea on April 4-8 and I just renewed my Japan visa last March 11. So, probably the result of my visa will arrive next week or by the end of March. Is it possible to apply a Korean visa, a week before the traveling date? Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

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