Fun in Tokyo Joypolis!

June, 20 2016

If you’re looking for fun this summer but you want to avoid the hot spell of Mr. Sun and the sudden drops of rain, I’d recommend you get on the train to Odaiba. Yes, Odaiba is not only a heaven for a shopping spree, feasting, relaxation, but also for merrymaking. I’m talking about an indoor amusement park named Tokyo Joypolis (Sega).


The hubby wanted me to go there with him with gusto. Knowing that Joypolis was celebrating its 20th anniversary at the time, he knew something was up as a special event. My curiosity gave in and went there with kicks.


                                             Adult (18 years and over)                  Child (7 – 17 years)

Admission                                     ¥800                                                           ¥300

Passport (Admission

& Rides included)                         ¥3,900                                                        ¥2,900

Night Passport

(Admission & Rides


17:00~, Holidays: 16:00~)           ¥2,900                                                         ¥1,900

Late Night Passport


& Rides included,20:00~)           ¥2,400                                                          ¥1,900

Open from 10 am until 10 pm

Don’t forget to get a guide book for yourself and check the price list of the rides. 😉

The theme park has 3 floors filled with assorted attractions that would suit your fancy. It’s said that the attractions are changed with seasons which makes it a place one can go to and have fun over again. It’s best to go there on a weekday if you hate long queues. Because it was my first time to go there, I opted for rides that were not that cliff-hanging.

tokyo joypolis
Zombie Zoo (3rd flr)

I’m not going to be a spoiler here. 😂 I want you to experience the fun yourself. Just allow me to share a few photos. 😉

tokyo joypolis
Wild Jungle Brothers (3rd flr)

Check out this video of a ride that you might want to try. Danny and I decided to pass it. 😂

Here’s my bet to all Transformers fanatics out there! Don’t miss out on this one! I’d say this one was a total bloodcurdling. That’s a hint! 😂

And for the main reason why Danny took a day off to be there, *drum rolls*

the VR brought by PlayStation!

tokyo joypolis
PlayStation VR

We chose “The Deep”. It wasn’t bad seeing creatures in the deep blue sea. Plus the huge sharks. I got surprised a bit, though. But Danny was so carried away that all I could hear was his voice reacting to what we saw all along. It was cute of him to be like that. He was like an innocent child playing with something so amusing. I loved it. That side of him was a pleasing thing to see.

Sometimes, it’s valuable to get out from your eggshell of comfort to see your loved one happy. 😍

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